Museum Finds

Museums are so much more meaningful when you know what you are looking at. Having read Women’s Work: the First 20,000 Years, then seeing the post holes from a vertical loom one day and an actual vertical loom the next was pretty cool, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the spindle and whirl.

The fact that scissors like these were used hundreds of years ago and are still used, at least by many seamstresses, in the form of snips is also pretty cool. Feeling so connected to the past.

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Persuing Adventure

Posting has been and will be random for a while.  No apologies.  I wish you fun and wonder in 2018.  I’m not gone, but will be back.  Lots of hugs.


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Vintage Finds: Apron Stamped for Embroidery

Vintage Apron Stamped for Embroidery

This was an E-bay find.   It has only just arrived and has yet to be considered with regards to colors.  But the roses will go well with my upcycled rose apron.  It even has a pocket.  It will be a nice stitching adventure some day soon.

Vintage Apron Stamp Close Up


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Winter Rainbows


New babies, new afghans.  More photos on my Ravelry.

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Merry Solstice: 4 Days to Go


Grapevine Final Side 2

Merry Solstice to everyone.  Are you celebrating the shortest day?  We like to celebrate as much as we can.  I’d apologize for getting this out late, but O and I were having fun baking cookies, which was long overdue.  They were Daddy’s favorites.  Tomorrow we’ll make the kids’ favorites.  Later, while O was practicing his reading, I got to do a little stitching and this is the result.  The final edge of my grapevine tablecloth  is in progress.  It’s going well enough that I’m working from both ends.  Four days more and it should be done.  Sooner if I can use a few of the hours of sleep I give up over the weekend to work on it.   It wasn’t done for fall of 2016, but it has been just slightly less than two years and it’s looking good.


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Morning Oddities

natural romdale 2

What happened to Thursday?  It was like this…

Describing my morning to my husband during a text exchange:

“There was an accident and ambulance at the school turn in at drop off, a federal employee said I was dealing guns and I followed a hearse home on top of snow delay and failed appointment. Mine has been an odd one.”

Describing my afternoon:

I napped some.

Some days just seem surreal. No really exciting things actually happened to me, but it was definitely a weird day. So instead of doing maintenance on my wheel and spinning, or finishing a second baby afghan or writing a post, sleep, dinner and post tuck in reading in front of the fire rounded out my day bringing it back into balance.

My sewing space is becoming piled with things (again) and I haven’t stitched anything in at least a week.  I should have to baby blankets to share after this afternoon.  So it is Saturday and I spent an hour or so spinning/plying some more natural Romdale from local sheep.  Last night I sat on the edge of the fireplace and spun, until my husband took over feeding the fire, which made it way too hot to sit in front of.  While I was there I figured out longdraw.  Just how to do it, not how to do it well.  It was nice and relaxing.   These 2 ounces mean 6 out of 8 balls have been turned into what appears to be a reasonably okay yarn. I’m waiting to finish it and maybe using it before making a final call on quality.  This is still about learning the wheel and enjoying the process.

Here’s hoping next week is more creatively productive.

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Auditioning Borders

It’s been a very holiday weekend with the office party and tree hunting.  While the first granny square afghan is nearly finished our tree isn’t decorated yet.  The kids refuse to get up from nap. All that fun with Gramma and Grampa followed by tree hunting must have tired them out. The tree, a grand fir that smells amazing, is up and lit, but we’re waiting on the kids before the decorations go on.  Meanwhile, should I do a double crochet shell border (left above) or triple crochet shell border (right above)? Still loving the Sirdar Colourwheel.  It has made this project incredibly stress free.

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