Me-Made-May 2018

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My favorite challenge is just a few weeks away and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to participate. It’s an odd thought, since this year I actually have me mades for spring and summer from last year that fit and have even made a few new things for the coming season. Wearing me mades every day should be very doable, but I have a couple of favorite custom made dresses, and a few altered RTW that had been waiting years to finally make it back out of the sewing room.

1me-made dresses and skirts

Some of my seasonally appropriate self-sewn garments

Some consideration pointed out the obvious. Me-Made-May this year is going to be about style, fit and cleaning out my closet. My closet has become overfull again. Many of its denizens don’t fit anymore or are stained, but there are some favorite custom pieces and me mades. Me Mades that are like old friends, with lots of wear in them still. They were among the first things that actually fit my style. Letting go has just seemed impossible, but with so much in my closet it is hard to figure out what I need…Hello again, Me-Made-May and thank you, in advance, for your encouragement and support. You are always there when I need you.

My Pledge:

I, Logan of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May. In an effort to design my style and wardrobe holes not only will I wear my me-mades, I will clean out my closet, update my measurements, make Burda 05/2017 112B (doing this as part of #2018makenine), and get started pin copying my remaining favorite RTW (14 year old linen dress that introduced me to my love of dresses with pockets-I’m looking at you.) so that they can have new incarnations and alterations to become part of my TNT patterns, so I can build a wardrobe I’ll love.

For anyone new to Me-Made-May, this is a challenge hosted by Zoe of SoZoWhatDoYouKnow? that took the online sewing world by storm when it started 8 years ago and hasn’t let up yet. Among it’s strengths are that is completely individualized, making it easy for anyone to participate (yep even if you don’t yet have any me-mades or aren’t a social media person) and that it has an amazing social aspect with so many people coming together to support and inspire one another. Join in or just check it out. You won’t regret it.

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The Third Mistake

The second mistake was cutting the last skirt panel 2″ shorter than the first 2, but that would be okay…because of the first mistake. Two purple floral rayon fabrics were set out; one for a Sis Boom Carolina Mae and one for a BHL Anna. At least using the wrong fabric meant that there would be enough to recut the panel and use the miscut for bias binding. Back on track until I did a classic flat cutting mistake where the pattern piece goes off the fabric when you flip it over to cut the second half. At least mistake number one is still working in my favor. The fabric guidelines for the Carolina Mae are my one complaint about the pattern now that fitting is complete. With so many options it’s hard to figure out how much fabric you need for the version you are making. It turns out that I need about 1/2 yd. less than is called for on a longer sleeved version in the instructions-that is if I didn’t make so many mistakes.  Slow progress on my #2018make9

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Threads and Thrills

The mail this week brought the supplies for the #modernfolkembroiderysal2018. Can’t wait to get stitching.

Having mentioned the Modern Folk Embroidery 2018 SAL, I also want to mention two other SAL’s. They are 2017 and 2018 SALs (both free) by Linen and Threads. Both are beautiful samplers that, while not really quakers, have a similar feel to the Modern Folk Embroidery SAL. Done in cross-stitch and designed in a single color they can be embellished with your own color choices to suit. The Linen and Threads SALS are done as band samplers with each new segment a new band, which is awesome for borrowing for other projects, adding your own items or excluding any band you don’t like. I’m trying to tempt O into finishing the tiny kite cross-stitch he started last year by showing him the dragons band and the bees band.

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Chasing the Snowflakes Away

Snowflakes complete and the inner border should be complete today as well. The outer border should wait until gaming on Saturday, but I’m starting to feel superstitious and sick of winter. Plus, we were numerous enough and busy enough fighting our battles with me learning a new character that I didn’t stitch last session. The linen, as frequently happens with vintage items has become discolored and will likely lighten when washed. I’m hoping the foxing will wash out as well.

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Wine and Blooms: Rosari Skirts for #2018makenine

#2018makenine my way. That means no on Instagram, which I just don’t post my sewing on. It also means that rather than making nine items for the challenge, I’m treating it a bit more as make nine patterns.  That is due in large part to my tendency to create wearable muslins, particularly for knits and my huge sewing backlog (2-3 years of fabric and patterns waiting).  So far I’ve made 1 Cashmerette- Appleton, 3 Cashmerette-Turners and 2 Pauline Alice-Rosari skirts.  Also this allows me to revel in the joy of making variations on a pattern once it’s fit.

The Rosari’s were pretty straight forward as they are my third and fourth Rosaris.  Cut about 4″ longer than the short version the floral version showcases some vintage zips in the D pocket version with simple patch pockets for the corduroy making these more distinct.  Much improved felled seaming skills, helped give them a professional finish.  Then they sat around for about a month while the problems of closures were being dealt with.  First, I wanted some antique brass snaps for the corduroy version.  Theses were surprisingly hard to find and I ended up with 17mm snaps, which can’t be installed using my Prym tool, so another shopping round had a tool on its way.  The floral burst Rosari has jeans snaps and button holes, which are awesome because I learned to use the buttonhole feature/foot on my machine. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. It is so fast and easy.

It was a really slow sewing month, but now two long awaited garments have joined my wardrobe.  I’m very pleased with them, with just two reservations.  The snaps are weak and like to come unsnapped, yikes!  The other is just a suspicion that if I taper the skirt just a bit more bringing the bottom edges in an inch or two at each side the A line might be suit me somewhat better. This post sat finished for another month while I tried to talk the camera shy Bright Blooms into stepping in front of the camera, finally fake ironing; the bottom hem kept folding up, so a few hot breaths and finger pressing later, and a quick photo during the 5 sunny minutes this morning will have to do.

In other news I caught an interview with Hila of Saturday Night Stitch , who I adore, on Clothes Making Mavens (If I remember correctly).  She was one of many guests discussing various sewing challenges and sew alongs, but I’ve been following her blog for years and  I find her very inspiring.  And she’s inspired me again.  I’m joining the Burda Challenge, since Burda Style 05/2017 112B is on my #2018makenine list, that is my pledge.  This woven wrap dress will be the first adult Burda pattern I have ever made, though I own many and hope it will encourage me to make some of the other Burdas in my collection.

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Mystery Sampler Finish

finished sampler

Mystery Sampler folded and basted with the removed threads and waiting for hemstitching, which has since been completed.  I most enjoyed the variety of stitches used in this sampler.  Frequently samplers are mostly alphabets with lovely stitched ornamentation, which discourages me since I already know my alphabet and rarely need reminders.  Stitch samplers on the other hand are fantastic.  Can’t wait to do another, but first I have some tablecloths to finish and will be stitching a small Assisi piece with my guild.

Fabric and floss have also been ordered so that I can get started on (and catch up on the previous 3 months of) the Modern Folk Embroidery Mystery SAL.     This was an Instagram find.  janhickscreates had a beautiful version, which led me down the rabbit hole  to many and eventually to the shop.  In Iceland, resistance was easy, but a few months later the use of all willpower to accomplish birthday season musts led to the inability to resist the strong desire to join in now rather than just picking up the pattern for later.  Linen for sewing was also purchased.  This supports the clear link between create or shop to create for me.  Do you do this?  Crafting time non-existent?  Well there are internet shops open in the middle of the night…*sigh*  At least I was good, only purchasing things that had been on my long-term purchase list.

upper half of sampler

lower half of sampler

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Lacey Seascapes

Violette Field Threads Lacey Seascape

The hankering to make a Lacey stuck with me even after A’s birthday dress was complete and then inspiration struck.  Pairing the Sarah Jane sailboats with her mermaids, whales and octopuses could create a little maritime scene.  Given my lack of desire to be constantly tying A into a dress I went with the tabs for this, though I think the sash would have suited it better.  As a final touch this will have an underwater bird from one of the kids favorite books Quest.  The book is one of three in a series of imaginative adventure books without words.  When we were reading the second book, which more strongly features both a boy and a girl, those characters became O and A, which was a real hit.  At some point the bird became Squawk.  These things are now written in stone and may not be changed, believe me I’ve tried, no other adventurers may head out no other birds may accompany them.  Squawk is going to be added to the skirt, complete with his underwater breathing apparatus.


A better view of the skirt before the addition of bias binding and bodice.  I’m pretty happy with the pattern matching for the pockets.  The rick rack is a little crooked, but that happens when you just eyeball it.

You might want to check out my Favorite Designers Series for more Sarah Jane, as well as, some of my other favorites:

Sarah Jane

Banu Demirel

Karen Kluba

Urban Threads

Elizabeth Foster



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