Kollabora Issues


Are you in the same boat?  For a while (months) now I’ve been unable to create new projects or upload images to Kollabora, my favorite sharing platform for craft projects.  Finally, I had used enough different operating systems, browsers and servers to be certain it wasn’t anything on my end.  Sending off an email got me the following response.

Hi Logan,

We are currently dealing with a project upload issue on the site, so unfortunately no new images or project pages can be added at this time.

Rest assured we are working with a developer to unravel the problem and get the project upload function fixed. It’s a bit of a process since we don’t have our own on-site developer, but we hope to have things worked out soon!

Thanks for your patience and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Hang in there it might get worked out.  I’m hopeful, and I don’t really have any other choice.  That said, what is your preferred platform for sharing as part of a maker community?  Ravelry is awesome for fiber arts. Indie Sew, feels limited  sewing/indie would be workable, but it’s really only adult clothes and my sewing isn’t limited to indie designs.  What about vintage?  Kids?  Big 4?

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Relaxing with the Birds

birds pillowcase

Some days there are projects with deadlines.  Some days there are projects that are taking forever, aren’t turning out as expected or are just hard for reasons unknown.  Some days  seem perfect for finishing up a small easy project for no reason at all.  Today is one of those days.  Soon I’ll start my next GCC, a pulled thread project, but today is a summer Sunday for swimming and stitching, while listening to Harry Potter for the millionth time.

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OAL2017-Bonus Skirt

Finally done, some day there will be a worn shot of my skirt.    I wore it last Friday and as soon as A saw it she came up to rub herself all over it and tell me breathlessly “Mama!  I like this!”  “Mama?  I want one.”  Any way she can manage to take something made out of yarn with her I guess, but there was yarn left over and though I was a bit short on powder pink my own skirt was longer than ideal so it got shorter.  Now we both have skirts and there is still yarn left over.

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On our way to see Spider Man Homecoming

Finally getting a to satisfy my desire to embroider clothes with this jacket, which turned out well. It seems A will even wear this coat, unlike her Molly Bunny Jacket.  Now she has requested a crocheted skirt to match my recently finished (and as yet unblogged) Berry Ripple Skirt.


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OAL2017: Mae PDF and a Rabbit Hole


Those are some of the designers/companies whose PDF patterns I’ve used.  Just so you know that I have an idea what PDF’s are like, which is variable.  The Blue Ginger Doll Mae is different.  If you aren’t familiar with Blue Ginger Doll, it opened in 2012 and seems to be out of business now, reason unknown.  There was a brief reopening for a pattern sale last march, but the site is now defunct, again.  Some of the patterns are still available through Craftsy, Girl Charlee and probably elsewhere.  It’s a shame too because BGD has an awesome design aesthetic and features a vintage vibe that rocks that line of vintage styling and modern feel.

Before I get into the specifics of the Mae PDF I’m going to detour briefly.  In looking up more about BGD and the designer I found a thread on Pattern Review about the Winifred and this review .  Having purchased the same kit from Craftsy, I was curious and fell down the rabbit hole.  Having read the various reviews  I’m wondering if this is completely off the wall or did she just make the dress in too small a size?  Nothing against Sue Parrott or her review, I’m just trying to avoid a catastrophe myself, like the dress and have seen others make great versions.  In her review she says it doesn’t fit over their heads (her daughter is modeling) and she took out the back waist darts, it also doesn’t show the front waist darts-all of which lead me to think too small, plus it looks tight across the shoulders and if those things were in the waist and skirt wouldn’t look too big.  Another review (of a successful make) mentioned that the pattern gave the same measurements for body and finished garment.  Clearly that’s an error on the part of the designer that would result in exactly this problem?  If I just go by the finished measurements and size up for ease and FBA as normal, might I expect to have good results?

Okay, back to the pattern at hand.  The Mae is a simple pattern, but I can’t recommend it for beginners because there are some drafting issues.  Nothing that would really slow me down and things that may have been left out in what could be the typical short hand of an experienced garment maker, but the collection together is worth mentioning.  Some of the issues are simply due to when this was designed, which is before copyshop versions of PDF patterns.  This copyshop version is clearly the print at home version which has had the tiling removed.  It doesn’t have a proofing square-problematic for any PDF.  I measured and checked the pattern measurements and will have to leave a little room for luck.  If this doesn’t work out I’ll let you know.


First the good.  Abbey, the designer, did an awesome job selecting and laying out her lines.  They are black and white, which means no faded invisible greys or need to print in color.  The dots and dashes vary and are easily distinguishable.   I hate trying to decide if it is the small dash or the slightly smaller dash, which is necessary when the designer just scales down the dashes, particularly on pieces like the scalloped neckline facing.

IMG_1519 - Copy

Unfortunately, the lines don’t continue to the edge of the pattern for all sizes, but stop at the smallest size.

IMG_1516 - Copy

Some labels don’t fit in the pattern piece at all.


The button holes are not marked for size. There is also a change in spacing for the buttons/button holes. this might be an awesome design feature or it might be uneccessary, seeing as how I want to change it to a side zip, I hope to never know.

IMG_1518 - Copy

Lastly, the crosshairs on the waist darts, particularly the outer ones Could someone tell me what they are there for?  I could see marking the center of the dart is, but they are so clustered you’d be better off just folding the dart.  Maybe it is my eyesight, but there is zero probability of me being able to determine which of those center crosshairs goes to which dart.

I expect this to be a completely workable pattern, but it shows room for improvement.

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OAL2017: Going Back in Time & PDF Sizing

One evening while my husband was at a meeting I put on the latest Harry Potter for the kids and sat down to frog my skirt.  Soon A climbed up next to me and sat down with her back to the screen.  “Mama I want (makes motions with hands of winding a ball of yarn).”  Shortly thereafter O wouldn’t be left out either.  One movie later my yarn was sitting in the basket again, and both children knew how to wind a ball of yarn by hand.

On the plus side, after revisiting the entire list of tops in my pattern inventory and realizing that maybe tops don’t get made because said inventory contains nothing I like, I bought the Blue Ginger Doll Mae, a 1940’s style woven top with dolmen sleeves, a scalloped neckline, back buttons and fish eye waist darts for shaping.  Admittedly, the back buttons are probably going to be switched to a side zip.  I’m picturing this in a seersucker and or a swiss dot, both white, both in my stash.

Luckily for me Jenny Rushmore of Cashmerette recently wrote this excellent post on getting PDF’s printed at affordable rates.  I jumped in with both feet and sent them 10 (why pay shipping repeatedly?).  Eight of the ten were Colette patterns, which happens when you have a million Seamwork credits and hate the way the magazine and patterns have been going.  The other two were the Mae and Odette patterns from Blue Ginger Doll.  I’ll soon be posting more about the Mae.  But two steps forward and one step back,  ever so slowly this challenge is making progress.  Hopefully, the sewing portion will be much quicker.  Being in the states I went with PDFPlotting.com.  The results were awesome, on medium to heavy paper, completed the same day and shipped to me in two days.  It would have taken me longer to print and assemble the PDF’s (one is nearly 10 feet long).

You probably know how to do this, but the part that took me a few minutes was sizing the PDF’s.  The site wants to know how big the pattern should be when printed. None of them came with info telling me what the final size should be.  There may be an easier way to do this (I’d love to hear if there is.), but this is what I did in Adobe (freeware), which isn’t hard.

Go to: TOOLS

Select: Measure (This will bring you back to the main screen, but with a new tool bar.)

Select: Measuring Tool (Then ignore the things that come up.)

Right Click and select SHOW RULERS.

Scroll to the end of the document and read the rulers.

See not hard, just aspects of Adobe I hadn’t played with before.  The catch being that not all of my PDF’s ended as whole inches, which are required for PDFPlotting.com.  Usually it was pretty close and I could guess.  Half an inch spread out over 5-10 feet doesn’t throw things off much and checking the little 4″x 4″ boxes seems like everything is fine.


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Bluebird Finish

This was a very enjoyable project.  I feel it turned out so well because the design was so well laid out and the instructions were so thorough along with extra photos in case I was feeling confused.

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