Naptime Excursion


It’s January.   It’s 43F and sunny.  The little one is sleeping.  Perfect for a quick trip outside to snap a shot of my first Colette Myrtle.  Please excuse the snood, my hair is drying.

This is a fabric I purchased with the intention of making it into an Appleton…until I reread the part were the pattern says no obvious diagonals.  That made this the perfect fabric for testing Myrtle which I am hoping to use to make a fancy holiday dress in gold flecked black jersey.  That was the plan last year.  Guess what I didn’t get there this year either.  My pattern was cut and traced in November, but things kept coming up.  The Curvy Sewing Collective FB Group’s A Very Curvy Celebration has inspired me to keep at it.  The pattern did get altered in December and just after Christmas I sewed it up until the waistband.  No fault of the pattern or the fabric, but rather of one broken needle too many (My machine is insisting on 70 ball needles in order to produce anything in jersey, these days.) and it didn’t get finished until the 3rd. I don’t think my fit issues will be sorted and another dress made in time to join in on the 13th and 14th, but I do have a new dress and have taken a step in the right direction.

The facts:

I cut this out in a size between a L and XL. Having read that the bodice has a fair amount of ease I did smaller than normal 1 1/4″ FBA on it.  Apart from those two changes the only change I made was to sew the elastic casing, then insert the elastic and close it up.  I find stretching and sewing with the elastic in, frustrating and have used this method with great success.


The results:

I’m pleased with the dress.  I like the silhouette and think it is flattering.  I may tack down the waistband to the elastic in the front and back centers as it seems to shift and then hang oddly.  I probably need to increase the FBA as I’m getting pull lines from the armscythe  and shoulders toward the bust and across the bust.  This will probably necessitate rotating at least some of that dart into the shoulder which will change the drape of the cowl.  Hopefully that will turn out well.

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