SSW fall 2015: Moving into Autumn Part 2: MHC: Julia Cardigan

julia black back julia black front

This project was very intimidating.  I bought 2 sweater knits for making Mouse House Creations-Julia Cardigan and/or Seamwork-Oslo.  Then I bought one more.  This third would be the easiest to start with as it isn’t lace so I cut out the “appropriate” size Julia.  Then I tucked it away because I was afraid of it.  It was just so stretchy.  It’s thicker than the average knit and very stretchy without wonderful recovery.

A week or so after setting it aside, I read a few posts about projects that the authors found intimidating and how they had chosen to tackle them and this one by Melissa of Melly Sews  about mistakes as learning experiences.  I decided that it couldn’t possibly be as scary as I’d thought.  I remembered thinking it was doable when I bought fabric for 3.  I still don’t know where the fear came from in between.

It wasn’t bad.  It was really pretty easy.

The cardigan sewed up quickly.  I even remembered to reinforce the shoulders.  It is snuggly and comfortable, but somewhat too big.  The arms were super long.  I cut off 4″.  They are still too wide and I may narrow them as the designer suggests, but the length is now about right..

My next Julia will be a size smaller.  It’s already cut out from a white sweater knit, just waiting until I’m in the mood to sew it up and if fear should strike I can look back on what I’ve already done and know it is possible.

About that next Julia…it’s SSW and I got pictures of number one at the same time as number two even though number two was made Wednesday and Thursday and number one was made in August.  The fit is better, but I’ll need to do an FBA.

Julia white backjulia white front

Julia 2 is smaller than Julia one and I tapered from the elbow to the wrist taking an inch of width at the wrist, which is a huge improvement.  I might go further still and shorten the sleeves a bit more.  I also used the double hem method on the first and not on the second.  I very much prefer the double hem at least for sweater knit.  The added weight seems to help with the drape it also means that there aren’t visible hem and seam lines, which feels a bit more polished.  I don’t know if I’d feel the same about jersey, with a lighter weight fabric it might not bother me as much.

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