Vintage Linens

Quite a few stamped vintage linens have made it into my collection and I will be working my way through many of them. As I finish stitching something I intend to add a picture of the stitched linen for comparison. I will provide info on these as I can.  Some came as complete kits and some just as you see them.

Pillowcases and Pillow Tubes

Bucilla 63106 Love Birds

Vogart 8701K Pillowcases Rose Bouquet

Finished Work Photo by Katie Tomlinson

 Lee Wards Pillow Tubing 01-30088 Blossoms in Cross Stitch, circa 1964

Lee Wards Pillowcase 01-70035 Moss Rose Glo

Lee Wards 1-3062 Stardust

2016-03-31 003

Pillow Case 888-6 Butterfly

Lee Wards Pillow Tubing 01-30781 Floral Swirl

2016-03-31 008

Herrschnerr Pillow Tubing 10-9604

2016-03-31 009

Herrschnerr Pillow Tubing 10-9732  Cross Stitch Rose

3 flowers pillowcase

Vogart Pillow Tubing 4-4-04B

butterfly pillowcasecornflower pillowcaseLee Wards 07-32-035 Pillow Tubing

dandelion pillowcase

Marigolds Pillowcase-Above clear stamp and below faded

dandelion pillowcase faded

deer pillowcase

Vogart Pillow Tubing

entwined daisies and ribbons pillowcasegoose pillowcase

Vogart Pillow Tubing B No 300H

lilypad  pillowcase

Pillow Tubing 700B?

peacock pillowcase

Vogart Pillow Tubing

rose pillowcase

Vogart Pillow Tubing-1-400-C




Quilt Blocks

Vogart 8542B Daisy Fancy

Vogart 8342A Floral Burst

Dresser Scarves

2016-03-31 016

American Thread Company

deer dresser scarf

swan dresser scarf

dresser scarf 1

Tri-Chem 3613 (This was intended to be painted not embroidered)

Betsy Ross Needlework, NY


Unknown Brand, originally started in pink and mauve (photo shows half)


Wonder Art Italian Cutwork Scarf No. 707

Table Toppers, Table Cloths, Placemats


cinderella brand

Reads along one side : No. 6873 36 in.  Made also in 45, 54, 54x72in. cloth, buffet and luncheon set 18 x 36, 18 x 45, 18×54 in. Scarfs, 12, 15, 18 in. Napkins.   Van. B + H Establ. 1845 “Cinderella Brand”

Wonder Craft 848-missing some pieces

blue nosegay table cloth

Lee Wards 07-23916 Tablecloth-Grapevine

Bucilla 1584 Tablecloth-Tropicana

Bucilla 2885  Tablecloth-Stratford



Paragon (N.Y.) Oyster Linen No. 0046/1  size 60″x 80″