Me-Made May 2020:Post 2

The day began with a Colette Myrtle and a Mouse House Creations Julia paired with rtw socks and Kwik Sew 3881. After being out and about I switched to a Cashmerette Turner, Kwik Sew 3881 and the pair of socks I finished this week. This was followed up by a comfy day in Autumn Sky my much loved (and abused) Washi Maxi and another pair of hand knit socks. Not one of these outfits was photographed. Now for the sake of your sanity I’m going to quit telling you that my underwear are all handmade from the same pattern.

Another day of yarn and supervising. Asked O to snap a quick pick of me while they were on a zoom campaign as I forgot my phone when we had a morning walk. Overall my wardrobe choices have been “Why the fuck is it still snowing?”, “Is this comfortable enough?” and “I do so love pockets.”

As for my pledge progress. I’ve finished a pair of knit socks and have backing torn for O’s quilt. Maybe I’ll quilt a few sandwiches (I’m quilting block by block.) over the weekend. My push to make it is currently feeling like, “Sewing up those other two Astorias would be nice…” or “Hey, that waffle knit cowl-necked Turner would be cozy…but first the quilt.” The next time my husband asks me if anything needs to be done before doing his one task for the day, I really need to tell him the house needs to be cleaned. Then I can bake some bread and head up to sew while its in the oven. I mean, if there is a day the kids don’t need me to sit right next to them.

All-in-all life is good. The next in a long line of rainbow socks is halfway knit. Out of a bin of sock yarn, I reach in to grab what’s on top and how is it yet another rainbow skein. Perhaps the kids rearranged the bag with their favorites going back in last?

Part 2: Since no pictures were taken to accompany the above and life has continued to be busy and not photo producing. I’ll just fill in a bit here. I’ve warn my floral Colette Myrtle Maxi dress with the black Julia Cardigan (again), Autumn Sky, Charlotte Turner and Myrtle Muslin (again) and my purple sparkle Astoria, which I never posted.

Today, it is my Dinos Turner (possibly also unblogged). My I’ve an after thought heel to add to sock one, but the toe of sock two was just set aside so I could do this update. As for the other part of my pledge. O’s Quilt now has 11 out of 16 blocks quilted and the other 5 are set for the machine. That leaves just the panel section to do. It did take my spending the hours between 2 and 5 this morning in my sewing room, but now it can progress in bits as time permits.

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