Me Made May 2020 Pledge

Friday Pattern Company Adrienne hacked into a dress. Me made underwear (not shown). Soon my hair will match my dress.

Once again it is time for Me-Made-May. Thank you again to our wonderful host Zoe, over on So Zo…What do you know?

I promise to get dressed.

Most of my wardrobe is me made these days. Handknit socks, me made underwear and a me made dress topped with a me made sweater or sweatshirt make up my uniform.

In the normal order of things, I would have made a couple of new dresses, challenged myself to finally make a bra, filled in a few wardrobe holes, tank tops maybe, and finished a summer nightgown. I would be psyching myself up to make a new swimsuit. Since January, I’ve made two dresses for my MIL and a hoodie for O. I also, made a hacked Adrienne dress (Friday Pattern Company), not to be confused with the Adrienne Dress Pattern and finally remade my Adrienne dress top in quilted double knit which had been ruined in the laundry.

Current events upended the queue and the “neat” piles of fabric that go with it. I’m finishing a quilt that got set aside years ago. My Me Made May goal is to clear the WIPs in my sewing room. Giving myself a clean slate to accompany what will definitely be a reprioritized queue. Since a nightgown, 2 quilts and several ornaments are waiting to be finished I’m already feeling ambitious. Organizing the room is a stretch goal, which will be made much easier by clearing the detritus.

To sum it up:

‘I, Logan of, pledge to get dressed (which always involves me-mades) and to work on finishing the WIPs in my sewing room to give myself a clean slate to go with my soon to be revised sewing queue, throughout May 2020’.

If you are feeling up to it and need a reason, other than your children’s zoom classes, to get dressed join in. Be well and be safe.

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