Me-Made-May 2017 Fail Day + 2 New


So far MMM has been interesting.  I did well on Day one…I remembered my underwear.  My new Roses and Thorns shawl covered a dress I’d had made for me.

Slip Shortening

On day two, I wore the outfit I made for OAL2016; a purple crocheted sweater and linen Hollyburn Skirt.  The underwear planned for the day were downstairs on top of a pile of folded laundry and there were two children to get up and out of the house, so it just didn’t happen.  Two slips were shortened.


Day 3, A brand new skirt made on day 2 debuted.  This is my second Rosari skirt (see the first here).  The pattern is by Pauline Alice and works up well in a variety of fabrics.  This gorgeous floral stretch denim (from Jo Ann’s) is paired with some antique mother of pearl buttons from my collection.  I’m not sold on the buttons.  Suggestions would be welcome.  In addition to fabric changes I sized down two sizes and made the short length (which is much shorter than anticipated, probably a little shorter than I’d like) and A pockets.  Efforts were made at pattern matching which went well in so far as the pockets are concerned, but I forgot to make allowances for the button placket so the front is off a bit-lesson learned.


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Back in Class Again


The project as prepared by our teacher, waiting to be stitched.  Feel free to laugh if you figure out how I compensated for my stretcher bars not fitting into the frame I usually use with a scroll frame.

What do you look for in a retreat or class?  Classes informal, formal, virtual and correspondence have helped me immensely in learning a number of crafts.   Saturday was the class day for EGA MER Little Stitches, which my chapter hosted this year.  Taking a crafting class invariably reminds me of my first quilting class (Log Cabin for Beginners) and  of how arrogant I was going into it-after all I’d made quilts and sewn clothes.  Still, I learned better techniques and useful tips.  Most classes are either skills based, materials based or project based; concentrating on teaching you new skills, having you work with new materials or helping complete a specific project.  Bluebird in Silk and Gold, my Little Stitches class, was taught by a fellow guild member, which encouraged me to take it even thought it would be new materials and techniques.  It was fabulous.  So much was crammed into my head in just 6 hours.  I feel confident about the project, which will require hours yet to stitch and it was lovely to try lacquered silk and flat and twisted silk and I’m looking forward to experimenting with Pearl Purl.

The project book for the Isabella Italian Drawn Thread Embroidery  , an EGA group correspondence course, was also passed out at Little Stitches so my project list is getting longer.  Luckily, today is rainy and tomorrow is a bring a project day for our chapter meeting so I may be able to finish my second “How Does Your Garden Grow?”  So many lovely projects.  It’s a good place to be.

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MMM: Character Inspiration


 Photo Credit: CBS Elementary

Do you watch Elementary?  Joan’s clothes are awesome.   Many of them make me want to start looking for a pattern right away.  You can check some out here on CBS.  The LBD (above) and the black and white striped skirt in particular.  Most of her outfits wouldn’t work for me, but still…

Do you have a favorite inspiration character?

I’ve been mulling over my pledge for Me-Made-May.  I’m once again in the odd position of not having a spring wardrobe.  Weight loss is still ongoing, which I realized when I put on my Rosari skirt with a belt and it didn’t fit.  My last Myrtle hit the laundry the first time and came out a far more drab color.  I’m still trying to decide how I feel about that.

Sewing is  slow these days due to yardwork and a desire to see the sun.  Still some fun projects are in  the works, 2 more Rosari skirts and an a-line and a few more Myrtle are on the list.  Maybe some of these will get sewn up in time for summer.


Crochet seems to be going a bit better for me.  Pictures and blocking are in the works for several projects. Above my Rose and Thorns Shawl is being blocked (The colors are much nicer in person and without the red and yellow background.).

Some day my wardrobe will start to build up with pieces I love.  It seems that that day isn’t here yet, but at least skills can be honed and anything that doesn’t suit won’t be around long.  So my pledge this year is going to be very different.  It isn’t going to be about what I’ll wear, but rather about helping me to wear my Me Mades by filling in holes.

I, Logan, of Logan Stitches, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17.  I endeavor to wear all me-made underwear each day for the duration of May 2017.  This will allow me to fill a hole in my me-made wardrobe and allow me to play catch up with alterations and new projects as time allows so that I can enjoy a me-made summer.

Come join in for Me-Made-May ’17.  Show us all what you’ve accomplished or just keep us company.

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Bust Dart Merry-Go-Round

If you have to FBA the woven version of the Colette Myrtle, what do you do with the resulting bust darts, if you don’t want to have to see 4 matching darts?  You rotate them into the collar…unless they are Big Honkin’ Darts common to larger FBA’s because even if they are small 1″ darts the distance from the bust point (and dart point) to the side seam is smaller than the distance from the bust point to the top of the cowl, which means that the distance along the edge gets much bigger at the cowl than it was on the side seam, thus dropping your cowl down toward your belly button.    What then?  Well, I’m trying a rotation of the bust dart partially into the cowl and partially into the waistline.  As you can see the original FBA dart (left) wasn’t very big, but it converted into two mid sized darts at the top and bottom of the bodice (right).  Hopefully, I can add 2″ to the skirt waistline (1″ per side) and let it be taken up in the elastic.  The new drop in the cowl should be workable and no darts need to be sewn, provided that all of this works as planned.  If you have a different/better solution or see any lurking problems please chime in.

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First Dress of Spring


So many challenges, that is how I think of this dress.  It’s my first woven Myrtle and the first of several light drapey fabrics (rayon challis mostly) set aside for woven Myrtles.

Problem one:  When I ordered this (fabricmart) It was described as embroidered and rose colored.  The embroidery is ever so slightly shiny in an appealing way, but…it is NOT rose colored.  Instead it is decidedly coral or melon or something far more orangey.  Note to fabric vendors:  Please get yourself some Pantone color cards or something else because I am so tired of ordering fabric and having it come in in a completely different color family (I recently got some orchid rayon jersey that was surprisingly the same color as the dusty rose rayon jersey from the same place).

Problem two:  It was very much see through, which meant the skirt need to be lined.

Disliking the fabric did mean that I didn’t care much if I messed this muslin up.  Things I enjoyed about this were as follows:

  • Using some vintage bias tape for the facing.  Very easy on this project and it made for great results.
  • Practicing European turned lining, which I don’t recommend for drapey things, but it was useful for encasing the highly fray prone seams while also dealing with the sheerness issue.
  • Learning how to hand stitch a shell hem.  I don’t love it, probably because I used #12 perle cotton in a contrasting color because I ran out of matching thread.  It might have been nicer if it were daintier and matching, but sometimes you need information you will only get by trying things.


It fits well as a muslin, but I will likely cut the length of version 1 rather than 2 next time and shorten until it is just right.  This accents my legs, but cuts me too much in half to really look good on me.  Needing to get the bust darts just right on the shell and the exterior is a bit of a pain, which will easily be remedied by rotating the darts into the cowl, which will lower that back down and help it lie better.  This one woman jury is still out on the pockets.  They are bulky under this fabric and maybe also not big enough to be useful.  If you have changed out the pockets or left them out I’d love to hear your results.  They seem great in the knit version, but other woven versions may be even drapier making the pockets more noticeable.  Still undecided is whether or not an additional 1/4″ across the back will make it a touch more comfortable.  It doesn’t restrict movement as is, but pulls a little when I cross my arms at the elbow in front of me (not something I do often when I’m not testing for a fitting).


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Here We Go Again


Crabapple Hill “How Does Your Garden Grow?” take two.  Working on the stems, again, and still enjoying it. Looking forward to the flowers.

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Little Bunny


Still not quite finished, this is just waiting for embroidery and closures.   The closures, pewter sweater clasps, will be here sometime next week. The embroidery is still being pondered possibly something from some vintage Aunt Martha’s embroidery transfers.

I can’t say entirely how this would have worked up according to the directions, what I made bears a limited resemblance to the original VFT Molly because of the alternate patterns for the hood and pockets and then the changes I made on top of it.  One piece of advice I can give on the hood pattern is that it isn’t sized down well to toddler sizes.  It’s pretty gigantic and the ears always flop forward because of how they are attached.  They were way too long for the little kids sizes.


You may be able to see the blue mark on the left ear here, which marks the 3 1/2″ I cut off the bottom of each to make them fit better on A’s little head.  When they are much shorter they don’t flop past A’s face.


They are rolled at the bottom to help them stand, but that isn’t really enough o make them stand up straight because the seam is backward into the main hood rather than into the hood trim.

When I brought this down for A to try on O asked if he would get a coat (I was carefully non-committal.)  and A picking up this one, said “I want this one.”   That’s one for the win column, now we’ll have to see if she’ll actually wear it once it is done.

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