Moving into Autumn (Part 1)

 Autumn Sky Front

Autumn Sky my first fall make, or really my second if I count my test run of the Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations, which turned out way too big.

Autumn Sky Back


  • 2 dart FBA
  • added 1.5″ at center fold of front skirt to match adjusted bodice
  • added 1/2″ at back sides to provide ease for shoulders
  • adjusted sleeves to match the increased armscythe
  • lengthened sleeves 3″
  • lengthened 17″ to maxi length
  • used Mendocino pockets

Autumn Sky not Laughing

Trying so hard not to laugh as O continues to be very, very 4.


I should have used a heavier interfacing and I wouldn’t do the keyhole neckline if I had it to do over.

My fall sewing inspiration Pinterest board 

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