Vintage Finds: Button Gauge


Useful things.  Beautiful Useful Things.  That is how I think of vintage.  Another item from a batch of vintage things I picked up, this button gauge isn’t highly decorated or fancy, but somehow, to me, it is still beautiful.  About the size of a 3″x 5″ card it will help me use my button collection by helping to easily check the size of my buttons against the pattern requirements.  Sometimes I wonder if we still have these things in modern versions and occasionally the name of an item is so obvious I can Google it.  Button gauges do exist.  They seem to be rare, a bit costly for what they are and less succinct. It seems like a printable button gauge of this sort should be available somewhere.  Do you have a button gauge?  What vintage things have you found that seem so useful or more beautifully made, but are now practically unheard of?  A couple of my favorites are pockets on dresses (which have been making a comeback) and bra stays-those little ribbon and snap combos that help to keep both your bra straps and the shoulders of your dress in place.

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