Bucket List: Underneath it All

Playing hooky: Being absent from school, work, etc. without permission or justification.

It has been the season of broken things.  Today I drove up one state to the Fedex drop off to post our 3 month old broken printer.  It had to be shipped back within 3 days of the delivery of the replacement refurbished printer.  The printer followed my laptop, our washing machine and several other things.   All of these broken things have been a unique blessing.  The little copy shop with the Fedex drop off turned out to be the only one in the area that can print copy shop versions of sewing patterns.  I’d spent many hours trying others when our printer gave up the ghost and just yesterday I printed out the upteen million pages of the BHL-Anna, so the resource is welcome.  But the blessing is the opportunity to play hooky.  They didn’t justify it, but they did make it possible.

During the season of broken things, all plans and goals have gone by the wayside and I may not pick them up again soon.  Instead, I turned to the small side projects that are growth projects.  Things to learn from that will be useful in the future, but aren’t strictly speaking necessary can be relaxing in a way that the many must do projects can’t.  What’s more the broken things have served as both an excuse and a reminder not to create a mile long list of things to make for the holidays.  Yes, I do still have a list, but it is short and everything on it is optional.  It’s the perfect place to be for the next two months.  January will bring new commitment with the Rosewood Manor Bargello Sampler being to lovely to miss when it came up as a chapter project for my EGA chapter, but for now freedom is mine.

So what have I been doing?  I’ve finally made my first pair of passable underwear-a completely unimpressive pair of purple cotton bikini briefs made from a t-shirt of unknown origin using Kwik Sew 3881 view B.  Having learned from past attempts using a free indie pattern that I’d graded up, I wanted to skip the regular 1/4″ elastic option, but couldn’t find my lingerie elastic.   It’s been that long since I last had a go at undergarments.  The next least expensive elastic option was clear elastic, which is very cost effective, part of my stash and apparently easy to use for underwear.  I’m pleased with the results, but won’t be able to wear them under anything fitted other than (maybe) jeans because the elastic cuts in just enough to show.  They are also an inch or two shorter than ideal, but comfortable.  The regular briefs have a waistband 6 or 8 inches higher, and it would be well above my jeans waistband.

Am I the only one who likes to make things (as much as possible) as drafted the first time.   It provides me with a great baseline for alterations on my next project without the risk of altering the pattern in an unexpected way when I make changes without having made it yet.  What changes will I make?  I’ve cut my next pair with the waist at 1.5″ higher and will try the clear elastic again, but cut it an inch longer.  Once the fit is spot on for this simple version, I can start jazzing it up with picot or fold over elastic or maybe even try it entirely in stretch lace.  Underwear, I will own you.

What is your current or next growth area?  Will you make a new garment? Learn a new stitch?  Master fitting?  Try knitting?  Did you notice those underwires next to the pattern in the picture above.  They are waiting to be deployed now that my Marlborough and Boylston Bra patterns have been printed.

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