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Dress Soup

Yesterday was one of those perfect days; cool in the morning, sunny and warm later and so much gets done.  It started out with my dashboard lighting up like a Christmas tree on the way to drop off O.  The … Continue reading

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KCW Sewing Alternatives

Kid’s Clothes Week  started Monday.  I was still camping with 4 other families.  The plan was to come home, put my pattern together while washing my fabric, then sew begin sewing on Tuesday while responsibly doing all of the laundry from camp (which turned out … Continue reading

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Seek and Avoid

My Wishlist: Girls’ dresses (particularly winter) that cover their butts. Children’s clothes that are made of warm material rather than paper thin waffleweave long john knit/denim/fleece. Pink-for boys Not-Pink (or princess, or cupcake-I’m okay with butterflies and flowers) for girls. Pink is probably … Continue reading

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Grey Day

Projects are piling up.  Pictures are needed, but I do have a little something to share. Grey   Former Berry Belly/Mud Butt Onsies These finally made it off the pile of stuff “in process” on top of the dryer.  They are brought … Continue reading

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