MakeNine2019: Overload

Sometimes I think my make 9 should have read make 9 of each category.

For instance my list included “Nightgown”  which lead to two different flannel adaptations of the Carolyn Pajamas (Red Roses, Blue Geometric) and this summer nightgown (Butterick 6838), which is waiting to be made several sizes smaller (I know better than to trust the Big 4 and still…).  It may be finished for spring.  Another is planned, but waiting for final adjustments before I begin the shadow work panel.  Then my summer Suki Robe which will ideally have a winter counterpart. Add a pair of knitted slippers keep my feet warm.  If I just added flannel pants I’d be at nine.

I did make 9 pairs of underwear.

These four Astorias are just the beginning.  The white and mint are cotton french terry, the charcoal is a rayon/nylon ponte and the forest green is hatchi sweater knit.  With future plans for one in navy and one is sparkly purple, as well as a dress adaptation I’m already at 7.  The french terry versions are actually muslins.  With the mint being a total cock up as the forward shoulder adjustment was completed backwards moving the seam to 1″ back from where it should be rather than 1/2″ forward.   Sometimes it’s the easy things that just don’t go right.  The two french terry versions in paler colors will be better for spring and have the shorter sleeves, while the two darker have long sleeves.  It is  tempting to add a cuff to sweater knit versions.  Tops are fun.  In the past it has always felt like the response to the idea of a top was, but if I make it longer I have a dress outfit complete, little extra effort; however, these are so fast and simple and are excellent for layering with my dresses.  Perhaps, it’s just a matter of having less pressure to have something to wear allowing for wiggle room.

A button down top, a bra and a swimsuit are still on my list.  I have a kit for the Cashmerette Harrison and the pattern has been traced and cut out since spring.  Two bra kits are hidden somewhere.  Swim fabric and findings are in the drawer of swim things.  Actually the issue with completing my make nine is that I won’t need a swimsuit until spring so I just don’t want to make it now.  If I’m not going to make that, why push for the others?  I’m happy to make Astorias and then another Adrienne (Friday Pattern Co) and yet another Cashmerette Turner (wool this time); all of which will serve me better in the coming months.  The big push to complete the button down and bra might be: 1. That I’ve enjoyed making high use no show items and 2. That with plenty of tops and layers, I’m free to make all the skirts.

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