Weaving Errors

Didn’t wind my warp cross properly (little ones are very demanding and even when exceptionally patient aren’t patient enough for 177 threads at 3.5 yds each.

Ran out of heddles when threading from middle

Missed one thread of the pattern

Threaded 2 heddles on shaft 4 instead of on shaft 3

Twisted warp between heddles and reed

Missed one dent on the reed

The hill this battle was fought upon was steep. Having to thread the heddles 3 times and the reed 3 times around figuring out how to remove the harnesses to add/remove heddles. Having to untie a bundle of warp thread from the front bar to unthread them and rethread them through the reed. Having to resley a third of the reed again upon weaving the header and discovering the missed dent. Oh and removing and improvising heddles for the threads that were threaded on the wrong shaft. This took more hours than even the numerous hours it had been rumored to take. This is my first test weave moving from my rarely used child’s rigid heddle lap loom to a four harness table took and I think it might be my thing. You see, I never felt frustrated or angry or overwhelmed. I just wished for more time and energy to spend googling YouTube tutorials and fixing issues so that eventually it would be right-it would be ready.

I learned so much doing this and it feels great to have accomplished just this. Perhaps the actual weaving will be easier. Steam will swirl up sending the scent of blackberries and sage, bergamot or chamomile to join that of woodsmoke as a handthrown mug rests on the rich brown wood next to the loom. The light of the fire will be overshadowed by the brightness of the magnifying light my husband uses when painting his minis and the crackling sound of the fire and the clicking of the loom will be overlaid with the narrator’s voice as we listen to an audiobook. Thus shall we while away winter.

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