Fabric for Boys

Sewing for boys can be a challenge as the styles and patterns tend to be more limited, but for me the biggest challenge has always been sourcing fabric.    Of course when O picked out his spiderwebs in July it occurred to me that he doesn’t see Halloween only spiders.  Seeing through the eyes of our children is one of the greatest gifts they give us.  Next, time I stopped by the fabric store I kept an open mind and the knowledge that school clothes would be worn in fall after which they’d just be that shirt that everyone had seen him wear a million times.

Like A’s Pink Rainbow Unicorns, I stitched the patch pockets on for this and did the hemming because I didn’t want to break my twin needle, but all of the seams including the hood to neckline seam were sewn by O.  Both kids did their pattern tracing where necessary and cut their fabric.  O also did some top stitching.

O is my real crafter.  He spent 3 hours on a Sunday listening to audiobooks and carding wool.  His crafts are: spinning, weaving, loom and traditional knitting, as well as, some sewing and he’s looking forward to learning to crochet.

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