What TO DO List?

It’s been an interesting week. I had a spin-in and an EGA meeting. Essentially two play days. Today, I followed a hot lead from spin-in to a local flea market to look at used fiber arts items hoping to find some wool combs or maybe a second set of cards so that the kids don’t have to fight over who gets to card. It was easy to tell myself I couldn’t by the Schacht 8 harness floor loom for 4 digits. Another Ashford Traveller would just be unnecessary, but the second Louet was tiny and adorable. So easy to travel with and small enough for O to work on. Still…no. No triangle loom, no drum carder. That was really hard. It took a long time and careful consideration to turn that down, since it would only be slightly more than the 2 sets of cards I was looking at (one fine and one small for little hands). Will power was spent. The cards came home as did a set of combs, a set of sock blockers and 2 spindles. A mini bottom whorl and a Schacht Navajo Spindle. Yay!

I’m sure there is a list of things I was supposed to accomplish this week somewhere, but I’m pretty happy with how the week is going all the same. Tonite’s rainy day entertainment will be “Wizards of Once” by Cressida Cowell as an audiobook and carding for the kids. It should help keep them from getting too antsy or too tired. Planning is key to keeping things mellow.

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