Yarn vs Yarn

What a difference a yarn can make. This red shawl was made using a lace weight wool (knitpicks in garnet) and the free Eva Shawl Pattern. The green shawl above uses a worsted cotton (Cascades Avalon) and the same pattern.

The first is light and drapey. I am not sure anymore if the red yarn was spun worsted or woolen. Likely somewhere in between. It’s fuzzier by dint of it being wool and because it has been through the wash (my littles were regularly wrapped in it when they were toddlers).

The cotton is worsted with a smooth finish and slight sheen. It has a lovely weight to it when worn, but reminds me a bit of an aghan, My husband made an afghan comment upon first realizing he was seeing it completed.

The green shawl was my emergency craft (Thing you do/make to keep your fingers busy.) when I wasn’t able to cast on a new knitting project. It was completed over a few days during camp week and used up yarn that was excess from a project made for a friend.

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