Frog Free Sock Fitting

Fitting is usually the most time consuming part of any clothes making process. That’s even more true when you are hand knitting, because you may need to reknit a garment to alter the fit. My perfect basic socks are still a dream, but after learning the basics of loom knitting and how in general to knit, purl, and make heels and toes I’ve been experimenting with different ribs, heights, cuffs, lengths and toes.

These socks, made from thrifted sock yarn, don’t match and the first had an odd square toe. They are slightly different heights with different ribbed cuffs and were different lengths because I like to get all of my experiments into one pair if I can. They are however black (with sparkles) and the height difference isn’t that noticeable so I applied my new serger skills to adjust the length and toe shape giving me workable imperfections to keep my feet warm and sparkly this fall. Time, effort and materials saved simply by pinning and then machine basting the toes into the desired shapes then serging them. No frogging needed.

Having written the pattern up while sock 2 means that a new repeatable test sock is currently nearing completion. Here’s to dreams of fancy hand knit socks to come.

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3 Responses to Frog Free Sock Fitting

  1. Well I’m impressed, I always seem to make a mess of it!

  2. Thanks. Each finish seems like such an accomplishment when I’m just learning. There are so many lovely knit pieces to admire and aspire to, I can only hope to make socks that fit so far.

  3. Well done! I’m always amazed when I see knitters and their lovely work!

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