Little Knit

The first successful attempt at knitting and purling in the same project is now finished. Having knit the cloth I knit the beginning and end of the final row together with the beginning and end of the first row creating a couple of short sleeves, which will allow A to wear it as a shrug with her spin dress.

Next up is a blanket and/or pair of socks, but I can’t find the tutorial or diagram that made sense to me before. The only cast on that makes sense to me is the e cast on which doesn’t seem to be recommended for 1×1 ribbing.  Any ideas?

If you are curious, this is Uluru from the Queensland Collection. (If you aren’t curious, it doesn’t really change.) Having used this yarn several times, I’m still enchanted with it. It doesn’t do for many garments, because it is a complicated mix of texture and color while being cotton, acrylic, poly mix, but it is lovely for shawls and little girl dresses.

Having never used this for anything other than crocheted lace garments its stripiness was surprising. The texture and fiber content lend themselves to learning because the color variation clarifies stitches and the texture helps to hide mistakes.  It also grips the needles nicely, which is something I’ve had trouble with in the past.  This wasn’t a problem even on my size 6 metal needles.

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2 Responses to Little Knit

  1. Thank you. Thanks also for the suggestion. I saw a youtube tutorial for your preferred cast on and my try that. The web tells me that the long tail cast on isn’t stretchy. Is that the truth?

  2. Gorgeous!

    If the e cast on makes sense, long tail might work for you? It’s more complex but follow the instructions – after a few goes either your body will get it or you’ll know it’s not right for now. It might feel similar enough to crochet movements to get you going?

    The other cast on I use a lot I’m having trouble finding online. I have a photocopy of it at home I can try to find later maybe? What you do is, make a slip knot. Knit into the slip knot as normal but instead of letting the stitch you made slide off, you put it back on the left needle. Conventional cast on has you just do that over and over, but the way I like for ribbing cast on is next stitch, instead you insert the needle in BETWEEN the two stitches. Loop the yarn like a regular knit stitch, pull through, put back on the left needle.

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