Suki Robe to the Rescue


When the tree fell on the family cabin it changed a number of plans for the following months.  There would be no camping trips and no hosting barbeques there.  The canceled 4th of July camping trip was the smallest and first camp event we had planned for the summer.  Our next was our annual college reunion trip.  My husband and I met during undergrad and are only one of 5 couples in our friend group who did.  All now have children and since we moved back to the area we have hosted the group for a camping trip in August.  Last year we didn’t make it due to the flooding that happened in this area.  (You get to camp by row boat.)  Instead we made a last minute detour to my in laws’, who are awesome people.  We all stayed at their home and hung out our big outings were to get the kids wet and feed them ice cream and then to see a classic fantasy film on the big screen.

Having to cancel again this year wasn’t fun.  We did have more time to make a plan though so we’ll be heading to the Poconos.  The catch is that camping wear isn’t the same as house wear.  About the only time you can count on me wearing pants in the last several years (Just yesterday, I wore Bright Blooms, to clear debris from the upstairs of the cabin.) is flannel pants that I keep because of those middle of the night trips to the outhouse.  My nightgowns predate at least one of my children, who liked to pick at the lace until it came undone.  They’ve been patched until they can’t anymore and one has seen so much washing that it managed to be washed back to mint green from the grey color it turned after being washed with some new blue jeans years ago.  They with that many people in a single house it is unlikely that I won’t be seen in my PJ’s.  We’ve been camping together for decades so I don’t need to be spectacular, but there will be kids running about and I don’t want the ratty lace across the bustline to give up the ghost entirely at the wrong time.  I bumped my Simplicity 9838 nightgowns to the head of the queue, but one is to have embroidery so that won’t be done and then I couldn’t source notions in a timely fashion for the other.  Enter the Suki Robe, which I’d been eyeing up, but couldn’t prioritize.  PDF’s are perfect because I don’t have to wait.  I’d purchased fabric when I purchased the fabric for the nightgowns, so off to production I went.  Nightgown’s probably won’t make it in time, but at least I have a lovely robe, to cover my make do nightgown for now and replace my Aran sweater, which is too warm for summer and is ready for elbow patches and a third round of mending the cuffs. (maybe it’s time for bias binding here.)

Robert Kaufman Petit Garden Flowers Navy in Cotton Lawn.  There wasn’t time to muslin this, but it’s loose fitting.  Following the pivot and slide FBA tutorial by Helen of Helen’s Closet I did a quick FBA and got sewing.  All of the seams are french seams. Made by Rae has a great tutorial on french seams for inseam pockets, which allows you to enclose all of the pocket seams too.  I chose the more complicated attachment for the neckline to continue the enclosed seams.  This is comfy, elegant and pocketed.  My night wardrobe is definitely getting a serious upgrade this year.  That said, I’m not thrilled with the coverage for times such as waiting to get in the shower.  If I sit down the robe opens to above my knees unless I sit like I’m a school marm from the 1800’s sitting on her hard wooden chair: knees together, back straight, feet on the floor.    I’ve also found that the pockets make my hips look lumpy, but I may have placed them too high as my marks wore off.  Still this is perfect for over a nightgown and a note about the pockets is all that is required for next time.

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