Suddenly I Can

Do you know that point were you aren’t ready to go to bed, but your too tired to engage your brain in a task? That’s where I was when I decided to pick up the closest pair of knitting needles and a nearby ball of leftover yarn. I looked up this handy set of diagrams   from the Craft Yarn Council and I was off.  Knitting has been my Waterloo for over a decade.    I did manage to learn to form knit stitches once and to form purl stitches once.  The two just refused to come together.  Eventually, I gave up and decided to try a sock loom.  Really. I wrote a post about it in October of 2018.  I don’t know it was ever posted.  Using the sock loom helped me to understand the way the yarn flows and how the stitches are built.  The structure of the fabric became readable.  All of that seems to have been the key I needed to unlock knitting for me.  Now, to try following a pattern.

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2 Responses to Suddenly I Can

  1. The yarn is Queensland Collection Uluru colorway 19ui. Uluru has a number of really gorgeous colorways each with just a bit of shine.

  2. I’ve never been very successful with knitting. I add and drop too many stitches! Your yarn is beautiful 😍

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