Kid Made

O’s allowance gets spent primarily on roving and yarn. Sure he buys toys at the thrift store, but those <$2 purchases can’t compare to the quick $10 braid of roving. This is largely because, shopping is ugh! while fiber festivals are are yay! and trips to Joann Fabrics are regular necessities. Last time we were in the kids picked out more of the doodles fabric, but this time there was a twist. Yes, it was on sale, a prerequisite, but they were going to sew it. O is still working on his, but since A, being 5, was only responsible for cutting out fabric and sewing seams, she’s done. The theme was definitely pockets. She has 2 in seam pockets, a chest pocket and a kangaroo pocket.

The leggings, were a request and are Mommy made, because this stuff was taking forever and I needed a muslin for additional leggings for school this fall.  Because the kids chose their fabric first, looking through patterns will be a future treat.  Instead  I asked them to describe what they wanted to make.  A shirt?  Pants?  Dress?  They were in charge of the design decisions.

A’s dress needed to be twirly.  Originally, it was going to be like a mini version of the Cashmerette Turner only with inseam pockets.  Then she wanted to add a kangaroo pocket.  We looked at some of the dresses she has and she decided she wanted a tent dress like her bunnies dress.  The sleeves would be short for summer and after O requested a chest pocket she needed one of those too.  If she’d ever heard of welt pockets, they would have been on the list.

When A was younger she would get out the crayons, ask people to color with her and begin telling them what color she wanted where and how to do it while she watched (at least if they let her get away with it).  Her art director tendencies showed up occasionally during this project, when she’d stop by the sewing room and ask why I hadn’t sewn her dress.   I’d remind her that this was her fabric and her project.  Mommy would do the difficult parts since it was a first knit project.  The dress was waiting for her to sew.

O’s project is still in progress, but should be finished soon.  Both have an accessory project planned, which has yet to be started.

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