WIP: The Proper Stitch Sampler

While many a Me Made May has seen me sewing or traveling, this year is different.  I feel like a home bug.  With weather that is more autumnal than vernal the gardens and yard have suffered with projects half finished and the house is still waiting for a full spring cleaning.  My hands keep busy though.  A second matching sock is on the sock loom, which will eventually give me two pairs of loom knit socks to wear.  A crochet hat for a friend was designed and completed.  New responsibilities with my EGA chapter have me doing lots of admin and yet I’ve been chipping away at the Proper Stitch Sampler.  The outlined, but unstitched section is a drawn thread section where I second guessed myself and started following directions just before cutting threads and doing so means I now need to reweave 8 threads, which will wait until the remainder of the sampler is stitched.  A few more complicated sections are also left for later, such as the knotwork, which will be a braid stitch in gold metallic, which I feel might hold up better with less handling post stitching.

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