MakeNine2009 #5 Vintage Apron

Graded up from a medium, this apron sewn from a reproduction vintage pattern could still use a little lengthening. My bias binding of scalloped edges could use a fair bit of work too. The fabric is Lecien Antique Flowers in pastel. This is a binding hog taking three packages. During the process of picking binding, I learned that I have three packages of vintage binding in frosty blue from a time when it cost 25c a package each with 5 yards of binding. Unfortunately, each is a different shade of blue. A trip to Jo anns brought 3 of a similar shade that matched each other, with each having 4 yards.

While I was at Jo Ann’s I could pass up sequins and lace at 60% off.

periwinkle lace

This fabric is actually a lovely periwinkle.

Number 5 of my makenine2019 is complete.  I don’t expect (though I hope) to make another in June which leaves me with 6 months and my four hardest items items to go.  This is not helped my sewjo coming back in a big way, but only in relation to the urge to sew summer dresses.

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