Me (and mini-me) Made May Week 4

This is the week of makes that have issues and outfits that should never happen.  It was another sick kid week, which turned plans upside down, but apart from having to pick O up from school there wasn’t much to it.  We watch a couple of Miyazaki films.  After the first he ate the contents of his lunch bag and I decided by the end of the second that it was probably something he ate or excitement about the fun events at school, but we still canceled our Saturday plans just in case he had something infectious.  This week’s lesson is “find your ideal skirt”.

5/22 Valentine Skirt (Still Unblogged) is a wool blend Fumeterre (Deer & Doe) skirt with self-drafted heart shaped pockets that have lace overlays and Pink Cashmerette Concord.

5/23 Autumn Sky-One of my favorite all time makes, so well loved that I have been trying to figure out how best to refit it and contemplating embroidery to cover the bleach spots, but still wear it at home even with the issues.

5/24 Striped Appleton (Possibly also never blogged)-this didn’t make it downstairs.  I really just don’t like it.  I’m rarely a stripes girl, so I’ve added this to the give away pile.  Then I decided to try Lucky #3, which I also don’t like the look of anymore.  The collar doesn’t suit me and the floral pattern isn’t quite right.  I’m sort of tempted to overdye it in grey, poorly, if the dye would mirror the different shades and shapes of the flowers that would be awesome and if it ends up all grey it is still better than currently.  If it turns out well, perhaps a new collar in white will be worth making, which was always a change it needed would be worth making.

5/25 Mariposa, my mint green with blue butterflies rayon Colette Myrtle that is showing signs of wear, and then later, because our favorite indie theater can be like sitting in a freezer, Carolina Gingham (Sis Boom Carolina Mae in black and white gingham)  and a handknit shawl in shades of grey, which was a gift from my mother-in-law.  My loomknit socks wear added to prevent cold toes.


5/26 Watercolors, another comfy often worn Turner.  Unfortunately, the pale colors, don’t really suit me, a lesson I learned from this dress.  My clothes really need to have a fair bit of color in order to complement my dark hair and eyes and ivory to tan skin tones.  After this got wet in the rain, I paired Mustardseed (Adrienne-Friday Pattern Co) with Elsbeth my self-drafted aline skirt creating a surprisingly nice outfit.

Purple batik Skirt

5/27 Rosepetals, my very first Cashmerette Appleton, with my black Julia Cardigan, which I wore for our picnic at local waterfall and some splashing about in the stream.  Upon returning home I created my worst outfit yet to wear around the house for a few hours before turning in.  My self-drafted, elastic waisted aline purple batik skirt and my black savannah tank top.  The tank top’s main issue is that the lace is all wobbly due to how I created the bust darts and took in the sides while refitting it.

5/28 Silver and black satin, this one predates my little girl who brought me back to sewing.  The pattern (a big 4) is no longer part of my collection and while the skirt swishes delightfully it doesn’t fit well and looks bad currently, but with the many little gores at the bottom in addition to the multitude of panels fitting into the yoke taking it in would be a pain.

Missed Last Week:

My brown mendocino sundress with self-drafted petal sleeves missed being added in for last week, but was worn on Sunday after our outdoor activities.


5/22 O-wool Rowan Tee (Twitchy Threads)

5/23 O-Dino Rowan Tee, A-purple sparkle rainbow unicorn dress (VFT Matilda)

5/24 O-dragons and Castles Rowan Tee, A-Mermaid Self-Drafted Tent Dress

5/25 O-Wool Rowan, A-Floral Self-Drafted Tent Dress

5/26 A-Floral Self-Drafted Tent Dress

5/27 A-Petals Self-Drafted Tent Dress

5/28 A-Floral Self-Drafted Tent Dress (clearly this weeks favorite, a change from the unicorns)


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