Me(and mini-me)-Made-May 2019 week 3

Overlap Sleeve Turner

5/15 Kit Appleton, Rose Oslo

5/16 Colette Myrtle Muslin, A-Rainbow Twirl Dress

5/17 Turner Overlap is made of what I’m certain was originally a Craftsy fabric, but that went to fabricmart as a pre-cut when Craftsy stopped carrying garment fabric.  It’s a really lovely rayon/cotton blend that is a joy to sew with.  The sleeves are self-drafted starting from the turner long sleeve with inspiration from Vogue 9327 view B.

I looked at the view B sleeve to see  how it overlapped and then redrafted it for the smaller turner sleeve removing the shoulder darts, the “flexible trim” finish and the buttons, which I had originally wanted to keep.  The lower sleeve, which I narrowed, is fully lined, with both the lining and outer interfaced using knit interfacing.  In the future I may simply use a standard stiff cuff interfacing since this area is almost stretch free as is, but still wrinkles a little.

I had meant to raise my self-drafted scoopneck, but after having done two sleeve muslins (basted onto the outside of an existing Turner to save time and bother) I was excited to get started and worried about having enough fabric, but it turns out that because each sleeve is cut in 4 pieces, which can be fit around other pieces (at least at this size) it takes less fabric than a long sleeve Turner.

It seems this fabric while as stretchy as required for the pattern is less stretchy than I have used previously creating the lovely cross bust pull lines you see in the top picture.  Wishing the bodice was better still doesn’t take away from the attraction of these sleeves though.  Please don’t let the awesome variety of sleeves go away.  Instead can we further the details trend with more fun pockets and plackets and tucks etc?  There are so many things we could explore.

5/18 Bright Blooms Rosari (Pauline Alice) A-purple sparkles rainbow unicorn VFT Matilda, O-Castles and Dragons Rowan Tee

5/19 Nightlife my black linen look reversible Made By Rae Washi dress is an everylasting favorite as a wrinkleproof, pocketed popover dress.

5/20 Upcycled Simplicity 1692 Muslin and my grey corduroy Pauline Alice Rosari Skirt (also a muslin, technically).

5/21 Cherry Blossoms, my second Cashmerette Turner in Art Gallery jersey.  A-Rainbow Twirl Dress

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