Me (and mini) Made May 2019 Week 2

I apologize for the delay on this.  It was all edited and just needed photos, but adding the photos caused a glitch and all of the editing and links to go away and I was too tired to do it again and then didn’t have the time to do it in the morning (or for an entire week) as I thought I would.

Thursday 5/9: Ash grey linen Deer and Doe Fumeterre skirt with Gekita my first Seamwork Akita.  I’m still plotting an overdye for this skirt to a darker grey. Over time the poorly designed finish of the Akita lead to fraying at the side seam where it met the underarm and  the hip slit.  This was repaired when I took the top in a little. It is quite comfortable and a grab and go option that I enjoy.  A was happy to rediscover her Violette Field Threads Matilda Purple Sparkle Rainbow Unicorns Dress now that the weather is warmer.

Friday 5/10: Dottie Turner, my original Cashmerette Turner Muslin, which is starting to show some signs of wear.  I think I prefer my maxi Turner dresses unhemmed. They lie better umhemmed. This was my first unhemmed jersey dress. O wore his latest Rainbow Rowan Tee and his Frogs Hastings Vest (Jilly Atlanta).

Saturday 5/11:  Casmerette Turner in Dino Cotton interlock (Yep, I wear a lot of Turners these days despite the lack of pockets, which I did add to this version, but won’t do again.) with matching Rowan Tee worn my O.  A was in her Violette Field Threads Matilda Purple Sparkle Rainbow Unicorns dress, pulled directly from the dryer.

Sunday 5/11: Playing a card from A’s deck Dottie Turner took another run. Cold, grey, rainy days are made for maxi dresses. The kids didn’t get dressed. A has been sick so they’ve had about a months worth of tv and sitting on the couch to try to keep her mellow and her temperature down.

Monday 5/12: Day 4 of feverish, but relatively symptom free kid. Feeling stir crazy, but we’re also carless since my husband’s last tire rotation involved them not putting a wheel on correctly. Grey, cold and rainy. Time to finish drafting an overlap sleeve, trace out another pattern and maybe get to actually sew something. Sensory bin for her. Afternoon with stories before the fire. Icy Roses Appleton in french terry to keep me warm. This is comfortable easy wear, but it looks a bit washed out with my coloring. Maybe I should add it to the dye pile? For extra warmth I topped it with a belted Oslo cardi in cotton/lycra jersey which is to thin for the pattern.

O came down to tell me he’d been wearing his Emergency wool shirt (checkout the details and backstory on instagram) backwards every time because he hadn’t noticed the pocket. I explained that he was wearing a different shirt in the same color and off he went in search of warm wool #feelslikespringnot.

Tuesday 5/14: Sewaholic Hollyburn in Essex yarn dyed linen and Vicki Chan Ada Lacey Shells Top  (Picture Top) clearly a success story from the 2016 Outfit Along since I’m still wearing the combo.   A-Selfdrafted Tent Dress blue with bright flowers.

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