Me-Made-May 2019/Mini-Me-Made-May 2019/Adrienne Blouse

Day one:  Navy Fumeterre Skirt and Mustardseed previously unblogged Adrienne Top, Kwiksew Underwear

Feeling Killer in this outfit.  Loving how comfortable it is and the giant pockets.  Maybe it’s time for another Fumeterre Skirt.  Bonus:  I finally have the perfect outfit with which to wear the necklace my aunt made for me.

My Pint Sized Photographer

Mini-Me-Made-May (Encouraged by )

Disclaimer:  I am not telling the kids that they are participating.  They will wear whatever they normally would.  We’ll see how much of it is Mommy made.

Day One: O-Dragon Rowan Tee, A-Flower Petal Dress

On Mustardseed, my new Adrienne Blouse from Friday Pattern Company:

This is a cotton lycra jersey with 75% stretch on grain and 50% stretch on the cross grain. I added 1.5″ to each front bodice side at the level of the bust apex using my French curve to taper it in above the waist and below the seam allowance at the armscythe. I also added 1″ of vertical to the same. All of this while also cutting the front at the largest size and the back 2 sizes smaller. An FBA is almost always a necessity, but this pattern is comprised of only 3 pieces. with the front and back pattern pieces being identical. So if your back and front aren’t the same and you think you’d like your pattern to be dissimilar as well, here is what I did.  Start with measuring across each pattern size just below the arm scythe (this happens to be the widest part-sorry I didn’t record this information when I did it.) and the from the center of one side of your body to the center of the other side of your body to determine your front full bust measurement. Subtracting the front full bust measurement from your full bust measurement and selecting a front and back size separately. Also measure over a fitted top from where you expect the neckline to hit over your bust and down to where you want your hemline to be. Use this to choose your pattern length from those drafted. Remember to add in seam and hem allowances for each. You may also choose to grade from size to size for a better overall fit.  If you have any questions or find this helpful, or have additional suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

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