Bunnies, Snakes and Birds

A new Jilly Atlanta Hastings vest for O and another a self drafted tent dress for A. This digitally printed organic interlock knit floral with bunnies from Hawthorne Supply Co is lovely to work with. Th Octopus digitally printed cotton linen canvas and the Dear Stella snakes came from the same order and were the same quality materials I’ve come to expect from Hawthorne Supply Co.  If you want an easy peasy sewing project for boys, the Hastings vest is ideal.  A did most of the sewing for this.  I did the top stitching and with the Kamsnaps I didn’t argue about whether or not she should sew buttonholes.  The prevalence of Kamsnaps is suddenly quite understandable to me.  They are even less fussy than regular snaps and reversible too.

This is what happens when you are speed sewing to try to finish a gift before the recipient comes home. More on this project in an upcoming post.

My one reservation with regards to these digitally printed fabricsis that they seem to be printed on the same fabric width regardless of the width you order. The overage is simply not printed. Likely this is more cost effective than purchasing and storing/loading different widths.  Granted you could see the extra unprinted fabric as a free neutral coordinate for your chosen print but, I was hoping to eliminate fabric excess and thus fabric waste.  I’ll use it eventually, but it’ll have to be stored.

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