Lantern Sleeve Appleton Top


Please accept my apologies for the photo quality.  A 5 minutes session and  a first time photographer, who only just enrolled in kindergarten involve accepting certain limits.

My blouse candidate list had seven candidates and I’d love to sew them all, but it has been birthday season here again and selfish sewing hasn’t been a priority. Still I had time to whip up this Appleton Top Hack in a lovely floral.

I love the Cashmerette Appleton Pattern and this top only makes me love it more. This was simple enough since the pattern was familar and required only a change in the waist ties and cutting the pattern off at the waist that a toile wasn’t necessary. Simple things deserve to be complicated so I opted for lantern sleeves. The interesting sleeve trend is one I’ve been jumping on, so expect to see more.

These being my first lantern sleeves. I followed the tutorial by Melly Sews. It is a nice tutorial and I mostly did was she said. I didn’t cut the sleeves off at the elbow, but kept the Appleton 3/4 length sleeve then added a lantern portion which gathered into the Appleton Top Hack long sleeve cuff. This was a mistake. I like it, but the proportions would have been better if I had taken the time to shorten the sleeve and lengthen the lantern portion to compensate.

A few reservations:

I should have curved the waistline hem. It’s just a nice detail that would have also mirrored the lantern sleeve curve.

It might be worth using a knit interfacing in the waist ties, because this very stretchy fabric expands over the course of the day requiring retying.

The other blouse patterns are still on my list of hopefuls, but my free sewing time has been spent piecing PDF’s and tracing patterns for the Cashmerette Harrison (I have a kit so it’s a good place to start), the Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company. More shirts will happen. I’ve also signed up for the Orange Lingerie Custom Bra Fitting class to help prep for bra-making and have been watching some button shirt fitting and sewing classes on Bluprint to ensure speedy and successful shirt making. So baby steps on at least the more of my Makenine2019 goals, but little to show.

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