Embroidery Stand Recommendations, Anyone?

What is your favorite set up for stitching? Scroll frames, such as this one that I’m using to begin my Perfect Stitch Sampler and hoops, such as you’ve seen my tablecloths in are often my go to. My scroll frame even has a floor stand, a gift from my husband many years ago. Some types of projects or embroidery are best worked in hand too.

My issue tends to be that my floor stand is bulky, which means that even though it has a permanent place near my chair in the living room, it doesn’t often see use. Being blocked in is hard when little ones are constantly making demands. Setting it up takes too much time for all, bit longer stitching sessions (I think I remember those.). Before children, the floor stand was great for setting up and working on a project. I could toss a cloth over it and slide it back coming back to it for the next session. Given that set up, I skipped lap and table stands. Now I wonder about investing in them without some idea of how they’d suit my needs, working style and situation.

My local thrift store provided this two in one hoop frame for $2.

Much better than Amazon, which makes this a very affordable test piece.

Have you worked with this style before? Any tips, pros, cons? If not is there an lap or table frame you would recommend?

I mentioned starting The Proper Stitch Sampler. It is from Darlene O’Steen’s book by the same name. The newer non-spiral bound version has three sampler patterns instead of two if you are interested. The sampler contains 35 different stitches and the book offers step by step illustrations for them. Disclaimer: Perhaps making my own life difficult, I have rearranged and occasionally redesigned the bands of the sampler. Any benefit that might have been accrued from following the stitching order has been passed over. Instead I am starting with what may be the most complicated band, which I am centering on my cloth. This definitely makes setting the band size and checking my work a bit more challenging. The new stitches-diagonal crossstitch and trellis stitch are joining rice stitch, reversible crossstitch, detached chain stitch and running stitch so far.

My issues this far:

Having to flip back and forth between the chart, the row instructions, to the stitch instructions. Some photo copying allows me to skip that and cross off and highlight as I work.

Placement of the diagonal crossstitches, which are only indicated via the same type of symbol and position one sees on a crossstitch chart. Those don’t seem to be quite the same number as the number of stitches shown on the image of the stitched piece. I’m working it out. This may simply be a matter of adjustment.

I had trouble with the instructions for the trellis stitch because they say to start by coming up from below do a bit of under around and over and then say to repeat. (They are more specific about the under around and over). A quick trip to Needle N’ Thread, had another of Mary Corbett’s wonderful video tutorials explaining that my instinctive lack of going down and back up was correct. Handily, it also showed how to travel in both directions and how to link in your last row too.

Soon enough I’ll get a the base sorted and be moving along having solved these minor puzzles.  Keep checking in for progress updates.

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