Detour Time


Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pajamas

It went so well the first time, I had to do it again.  Now two Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pajamas hack flannel nightgowns.  My Flannel Roses was made with Jennifer Bossworth Homecoming Collection Flannel designed for Maywood Studios, but this second pair, another stash make, was a Jo-ann Fabrics flannel in dark blue. The color is truer in the picture below.


Closet Case Patterns Navy Carolyn Pajamas

Though few people will ever see them, few garments will get more use.  Practicality is this year’s theme for my #makenine2019, however, sometimes distractions happen.


My current distraction came in the form of a trip to pick up a package of piping while my husband picked up some lumber.  In order to distract the kids just a little longer, giving him time, the kids and I strolled down the fabric aisle at the local Jo-Ann Fabrics and discovered some delectable medium interlock knit with adorable little boy prints priced at 50% off.  These dragons/castles/knights will be perfect to make something special for O and those dinos may dress up the whole family for a trip to the Paleontological Research Institute.  The only questions is “Can I sew fast enough?”  One week 3 garments, but knit garments, with simple lines and familiar assembly.  We shall see. Oh and I picked up some previously requested and happily on sale mermaid jersey for a second dress for A.  So minimally, 4-5 extra projects to throw in on top of the extra pajamas.  It feels like detour central around here.

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