Art Deco Roses

Art Deco roses (or maybe I’m mistaken) trace the exterior of the 60″ x 80″ (1.5m x 2m) rectangular tablecloth. When it was gifted to me it came with a small pile of light and medium blue skeins of floss. It was waiting for me to finish my modern fine embroidery SAL and then while I did a bit of work on my woodland enchantress, who remains unfinished. When Mary Corbett blogged about a daisy tablecloth she was gifted and her dilemma regarding its condition, I was inspired to put needle to fabric. Yes, I should definitely start a small project and wrap up some of my larger projects, but again this is great for stitching while the kids are creating chaos all around. No counting, little chart reference, just two colors and beautiful. The stitching seems to run along like a high speed train compared to the complex stitchings I’ve been doing on 18 count Aida or 30 count linen. At least it does until I unfold it and see how much tablecloth there is all together.

iPad for comparison

Having completed two similarly sized tablecloths (grapes and floral aparantly this was finished just before I took a blogging break and has yet to make an appearance) gives me encouragement that I will eventually get there.  If vintage linens are your thing check out my vintage linens page, where you can ogle my collection of waiting projects and check out various finished or in progress linens.

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