This year’s #makenine is going to be totally different than last.  My wardrobe is no longer in crisis mode.  Last year’s make nine gives me a few TNT patterns and several wardrobe items to get me  through each season and it is time to fill the odd everyday gaps.  Things that see a lot of use, but aren’t as big of priorities.  Many of which have been waiting for years to be replaced or upgraded.  The general plan follows.  Few of these patterns are set in stone, but rather are the most likely candidates.  It looks like maybe next year might be the year of the blouse.

1-Blouse-pattern TBD, maybe more than one

2-Effie’s Reproductions -Apron [Apron]

3-Kwik Sew 3881 [Underwear]

4-Muse Patterns-Jenna Cardigan/Seamwork -Astoria/Seamwork-Elmira/Cashmerette-Appleton Top [Sweater]

5-Cashmerette-Harrison [Button front shirt]

6-Orange Lingerie-Marlborough Bra [bra]

7-Closet Case Files-Caroline Pajamas-modified as a nightgown [Nightgown]

8-Closet Case Files- Bombshell Swimsuit [Swimsuit]

9- Hand Knit Socks [Socks]


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