The Plan

1-Burda 05/2017 112B

2-Cashmerette Turner

3-Deer and Doe-Fumeterre


5-Blank Slate Patterns-Pocketful of Poesies



8-Pauline Alice-Rosari Skirt

9- Sis Boom-Carolina Mae

The Reality

1-Chevron Lace Cardigan

2-Burda-05/2017 #112B




6-Simplicity 1692

7-Pauline Alice-Rosari

8-Sis Boom-Carolina Mae

9-Deer and Doe-Fumeterre

The to sew list on my computer is miles long and my TNT list is very short. My make nine was an effort to change these things. So when my I felt like changing my sewing plans mid year I went with it. My TNT list is a little longer. New skills were learned. My sewing list is just the same-of course, because I’ve added things. This was a fantastic challenge that encouraged me to reach for my goals. What does that mean for #makenine2019? Sounds like I should do it again.

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