Summer Sweater, Autumn Dress

maroon floral turner

While I was on hiatus, another Cashmerette Turner joined my wardrobe. A fall floral in maroon extended to maxi length and with my scoop neck and all the other alterations of the previous this one should get plenty of wear.

I also finished this Chevron Lace Cardigan down to the buttonholes-before frogging it back to the yoke as the fit of the armscythe was way too loose. The bodice is finished again, but I’m not sure I like how it fits across the front now. Is garment construction knowledge from sewing experience helpful or a PIA that makes you too picky? The yarn is a cotton linen blend, which makes the sweater even lighter than its lacy structure would suggest. The button clasps are thrifted and perfectly solved the closure issue of lace=fancy, but my buttons just aren’t. I didn’t take a picture of it, but there is even a satin ribbon hand sewn down the interior of each front to help the cardigan keep its shape and to support the heavy closures. For more info on this cardigan check it out on my ravelry. The feeling of finally having a cropped cardi in the right color/style/fit may be just the push needed to get me 1-learning to knit and 2-sewing some cardigans.

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