Merry Solar New Year

Look at those colors under a full spectrum bulb. This is probably the most accurate SAL photo-colorwise that I’ve taken.

Today’s post is brought to you by lightbulbs. It has been an odd month here with many lightbulbs (CFLs) dying and two smoke detectors needing new batteries. More of either than I’ve need in the year so far. The lightbulbs aren’t available locally so I had to order online and realized that when my chair side lamp was repaired (not the Ott lamp, which remains broken and should be disposed of, but is currently propping up its replacement.) the bulb had been replaced with a much dimmer one and that I could. Replace it with a brighter full spectrum light, which would really improve my lighting situation. The new bulbs show up today and I’m loving them. Stitching has become much easier again. The replacement lamp requires that I lean to one side in a funny (and eventually uncomfortable way). Here’s hoping I can fix the photo issues soon too, but really it’s winter…

What have I been up to. Lots really. I’ve written many posts on sewing that don’t have photos and have done just a bit of stitching, which should pick up, now that the lighting situation has improved. I’ll be working my way through the backlog of projects as time and photography permits.

For today it is simply an update on the Modern Folk Embroidery Four Seasons Sampler Stitch Along. Modern Folk Embroidery will be doin another stitch along next year if you missed the SAL this year (that is also available online).

Of course there were a few more months of pattern before I got to this part. The empty part is what is currently being stitched.

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