Alternative Holiday

I’ve been taking time off from the blog to catch up on all of the things. One of the things I’ve been trying to catch up on is cleaning out myriad stuff. My children in particular have a lot of stuff. Clothes for their rapid growth for each season, toys covering pre-school to grade 2, sensory and science activities, plus piles and piles of books. Any parent of small children will be familiar with the rapid growth and learning phases tiny people go through and the amounts of stuff that can accumulate.

The other side of this coin is what to do about holidays and birthdays where stuff accumulates very quickly and where time can be very limited. We have occasionally gone from cooking to opening presents to cooking to eating to opening presents to cleaning up, without really having time to relax and enjoy. It is not always this way, but we’ve also found that some presents are meant to be used or enjoyed during the cold months, which is hard to do when they must wait through December.

This year we are trying something new. One gift each week of December until winter solstice when they will have the remainder of the presents from us (on the closest Saturday) and gifts from friends, relatives and Santa on the 25th. These early gifts will largely be experiences, but the first will be matching rainbow pajamas.

It will help to spread the holiday season. Fewer material gifts will be given and those that are will be given time to be appreciated. Of course having only recently come up with this idea we’ll see if I can get it all together in time.

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