Festival Season

Rain and more rain means that summer isn’t summery and fall is a bit of a mess. It means canceled plans and new opportunities. Cancelled plans do have their upsides. While getting to camp has been nigh impossible, getting to fiber festivals has suddenly become possible.

Each of the last two weekends we’ve been able to take the kids to a fiber festival, give them a budget and see what they choose. It has been interesting. A plushie alpaca (made with real alpaca fiber), finger puppets, an ornament, beads, yarn and fibers have been carefully selected to come home with us.

The kids tell me fiber festivals are cooler than renaissance faires. After all they get to pet the animals. The vendors have been patient, supportive, kind and informative. Sometimes they are also ridiculously generous. At the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival each child was gifted a bag of angora fiber. They have been petting them and making bunny demands ever since. Spinning plans are mentioned too, but so far yesterday’s booty is still being piled up and cooed over.

two Smaugs and their treasures

As for me, I have a dream that looks like this:

At least the finished prep stage does. Eventually it will hopefully become a beautifully textured shawl. My purchases were an unwashed teaswater fleece, used wool cards and a weaving needle.  I didn’t plan to buy an entire fleece, but it’s probably what I’ll need for the project and elsewise locks were only sold in small amounts and white was surprisingly hard to find.  Such scarcity is probably due to the fact that it can more easily be dyed and thus is used more often than darker locks.  This project may be the work of one or several years as there are many new skills (or at least unpracticed skills) involved in this project.  I think it marks a beginning for me as I start to spin with intent.  Not just to keep my hands busy and to make pretty yarn, but to purchase a specific fiber with the end product and journey already in mind.

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