See the Sparkles?


My first skein of drop spindle spun mill ends is 382.5 yds of two ply.  Wheel plying sure is a treat.  It remains unfinished because I suspect it will be used for weaving and would thus be better washed after it is worked to full the project.  (Is this the right way to phrase it in weaving?) And I’ve already plied about half of another jumbo flyer full too.  You can tell that some of that was spun at cub scouts or other non-fiber meetings as it is somewhat more irregular.

A quick word on the Ashford Traveller Jumbo Flyer.  It comes with new maidens and a jumbo bobbin.  The quality of the flyer and bobbin isn’t as nice as the original bobbin and flyer (clearly plywood).  The bobbin is precisely the size of the space between the flyer and maiden without any room for it to really move well or to easily install it.  This makes taking it on and off a bit more of a struggle.  Getting yarn to feed onto it is also harder than the original.  Also, be forewarned the flyer has only 2 speeds and having set the drive band to one I have been unable to adjust the mother of all so that I can change to the other.  Seeing as that I set it to the slower speed to be easier for my son that means it takes longer to ply on the jumbo flyer than the original too.  These feel like serious drawbacks to me, but it is nice to be able to put so much on a single bobbin particularly when I have been saving balls and balls to ply.

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