As I Was Saying

Back when O was going to teach at Sheep and Wool Day, I was discussing with him the fact that he “No, he shouldn’t put it [his spindle] in his backpack…It would need some sort of hardcase to protect it…” When, as he continued rolling around on the floor and rolled over it. Crack! I knew immediately what had happened, but it was a total surprise to him.

He was sad, but didn’t immediately let it get him down, telling me I’d have to buy him a new one, to which I replied, “Spindles are expensive, I don’t just buy a spindle whenever I want one.” Dubious he asked how much they were. Thinking this was an excellent opportunity to teach him the value of things, I told him it depended on a lot of things. We looked online and he fell in love with a wooden spindle with a clay rainbow decoration-$45-well outside his 7 year old budget. He went to check his wallet. It would take him months to save up enough. It was nice to see the cogs rolling. He decided he’d save up and asked “How do you make sure no one else can buy it?” “You buy it.” This wasn’t exactly encouraging, but he’s working on it and I may have made sure it’d be available when he was ready. Then we’ll talk about tax and shipping.

Meanwhile, a bit of wood glue and a weekend in the vise (We were off to visit friends.), followed by a little mailing tape to ensure a smooth surface and he was back in business.

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