Something Old, Something New

This may be the last rainbow Rowan (Titchy Threads).  Last year’s Rowan (Titchy Threads) definitely saw its share of use.  It still sort of fits, but is faded, stained and pilling.  I’ve heard that this won’t be the first day shirt this year.  He’s saving it for his first art class day.  When I talked to him about the idea that I could make him a different kind of shirt for school sometime too if he liked; he didn’t have to like/want a rainbow shirt, he mentioned his (purchased) chameleon shirts.  Of course, I purchased 10 yards of rainbow fabric this summer because both children were demanding rainbow clothes.  Oh and this one was still cut from the remaining yardage left after previous projects, so 10 yards of rainbow knit is waiting.  I’m debating starting A in early on her rainbow wear, but after finishing O’s shirt I cut  three of the four dresses she requested in June.  I’m hoping to sew them up this week and work on another of my #2018makenine items in September.  I’ve two to go.   I’d also like to sneak in a fall Turner Maxi dress.

My make nine so far

Turner-can’t make enough of these

Appleton-an old favorite, but I’m leaning toward the Turner

Ipswich-good project, but want to move on to other swim patterns

Burda 05/2017 112B-Nope

Fumeterre-Love this, need to hack some more skirts out of it, or possibly find a great top pattern to hack it into a dress

Rosari-Love this pattern more than ever

Carolina Mae-Fond of this, but it takes a lot more doing and is rather distinctive for too many hacks

But, back to the shirt. Just wanted you to check out the pattern matching.

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