Longdraw Spinning Class


Last week was camp week for the kids, which meant hours of driving each day for me, with household catch up each evening.   It wasn’t a complete crafting loss though.  Once I had finished my morning responsibilities and before first pick up, I sat out on a bench in town and stitched.  With the help of my wonderful in-laws I was also able to attend my first in person spinning class on Friday.  Held at a local museum, there were just 5 students and it was taught by a Tracy Sayre a member of my local spinning group.


Now I figured out the basics of longdraw spinning with a little help from youtube not too long ago, but there are always things you can only learn from someone who has done it a lot.  Most of what I learned was about fiber preparation, which is something with which I have about zero experience.  We combed, carded, flicked and rolagged. We spun from the fleece, from locks, from rolags, from top and from roving.  It was a great sampler  experience for fiber preps and a great introduction to preparing fiber.  Tips were also given on how to not get a sore back when spinning at the wheel, and how to fix your imperfections when spinning longdraw.  Tracy even covered double drafting, something I did without knowing it was officially a thing.  After a long strange week, a day of sitting and spinning was perfect even if I was getting so tired (I ran out of caffeine.) that I would start my wheel spinning backward, or without the brake on and then have to do strange things to get it sorted again.


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