Purple Sparkle Rainbow Unicorns


This was a fabric that screamed A (or more likely every little girl’s name). It has all of her favorite things, apart from not being extra soft or knit, and she was due for another twirly dress. So it came home with the quilt backing I had picked out. Then I hid it. It was going to be a surprise for her.

While it was hiding, we went to North Carolina to visit my grandparents, stopping on the way at a fabric store I’d been eyeing up for years, but that had never before been open when we were in the area. O and I headed off toward one end of the shop, which it turns out held notions and tablecloth fabric. Soon A came up calling, “Mommy! Mommy! You have to see! I found a dress! You have to get it for me!” After finishing the section I was in I followed her to the quilting fabrics and soon she was showing me the “dresses” she had picked out. 2 purple floral bolts of quilting cotton, to which she added another and a pink poly drapy something. At the prices they were asking for decent quality fabrics, I couldn’t say no. Four more dresses went onto the pile of things to make along with some fabric with insects on it for a pair of sleep pants for O. For myself only some Robert Kaufman dots chambray.

Along with a couple of shirts for the fellows for an upcoming renfaire visit. This adds 10 projects for my family to my pile to my “summer” sewing pile. Feeling pressured and having a broken lawnmower allowed me to sew up two Fumeterre skirts and then squeeze in the first dress for A. I prepped patterns on a folding table on the porch, while the kids played in the sprinklers. Got up a couple of hours early several times and stole a few minutes, while the kids were watching something before bed to cut a Violette Field Threads Matilda.

Just as I was cutting the finally flutter sleeve A trips across from the bathroom into my sewing room and spies the fabric. Tiny eyes lit up. It was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. She wanted it. Could she have that fabric, she asked as she swiped a scrap with a complete unicorn on it, I’d set aside for later use. When I told her I was cutting pieces for a dress she was thrilled, even more so when I explained it was for her. Getting up early this again on the fourth to work on her dress would have worked out perfectly if the power hadn’t gone out when it did. Still I worked by hand while it was out, sewing on inseam pockets (self-drafted) and stitching one side seam.

 A visited the dress as it progressed. She demanded to know why the pocket fabric (vintage style flowers upcycled from an old Washi top) was different. I explained that the flowers were for the unicorns and they would always be in her pockets for her to give them. She’s wearing the unicorns today and I’m considering making up more of her dresses, but if she gets several she won’t value them and who knows if she’s really willing to wear quilting cotton or if she’ll be all complaints soon… Still progress is progress.

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