Summer Days

Given how I’ve been working a bit overtime to catch up on the Modern Folk Embroidery SAL and to keep on schedule with  my #2018MakeNine and #Burdachallenge and #sewtogetherforsummer pledges, it’s time for a little summer slow down.  My mfesal is two thirds of the way through May.  I’ve completed 5 out of 9 (Appleton, Turner, Rosari, Carolina Mae, and Burda 05/2017 112b) for my make 9.  Now we are transitioning to summer here in Pennsylvania and getting ready for a vacation to visit my grandparents, which makes things a bit hectic.  In anticipation of this, I scheduled myself a break in June, a much needed craft break.  We’ve been doing lots of planting and yardwork, making loads of Strawberry jam and cleaning out.  I finally got around to going through 90% of the kids’ stuff and cleaning out and rearranging their room.  All of A’s dresser moved from our room to theirs and along with a few totes of toys and a tote of board books we also got rid of two chairs and two bookshelves making giving the room a far more open and airy feel.  The kids were thrilled and haven’t noticed any of the missing toys or books so far.

Accomplishment on this scale is awesome.  It is also necessary.  My craftroom collected gigantic piles of stuff to a whole new degree when we gave the rest of the house a thorough going over before a party at the end of May and only now am I beginning to dig my way free.  Another giant Rubbermaid bin full of fabric has joined the closet stash and it is entirely possibly that with just a few more days of cleaning, the bed will be visible again.  At least I can now access muslin and batting, which are needed for upcoming projects.  Sorting through the piles of fabric really made me want to make a couple more Turners and maybe an Appleton.  A sale at an online fabric site, I don’t often frequent and whose name I’d prefer not to mention, allowed me to “take action” toward recreating a few pieces of my curated closet board that are exactly what I’m looking for (provided take action means buy fabric).   Suedecloth skirts would ideally show up this fall, but, as we all know, sewing time is never as available as our plans might need.

Together these things are making me reconsider my make nine.   I have a few Hollyburn skirts that still make the list and can fill the roll of basics and semi formal, and the 1692 is still there, but the Fumeterre has taken over for one of my dresses and bras, swimsuits and these new suedecloth options are tempting me sorely to veer from the path.  Luckily the path can be flexible.  Unfortunately, although I have some great fabric for and really want to whip up a couple of Turners and an Appleton that won’t help my make nine numbers at all.  If I can get some of the skirts made up I might try to squeeze the Turners in, otherwise, my wardrobe will be slightly less exciting, but still building in the right direction.

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