Me Made May Follow Up 2018

fumeterre with linen

Another me made may, another set of lessons.

Wardrobe Holes: camis (black and white/knit and woven), maxi skirts, dress clothes, half-slip, crop tops, cardigans. There is room for improvement with regards to the dress segment of my wardobe, but building the basics of the separates segment should probably take precedence.

My wardrobe doesn’t reflect the style I want.  At least few to none of the non-dress items do.  It’s time to start addressing that major gap.   In that vein, I really need to buckle down and make some tops and some neutral skirts.  I realized that tops are so hard for me because they’ve always been difficult.  The FBA is my major fitting issue along with being short waisted.  This doesn’t make them any harder than dresses, but it does mean during all the years that I wore RTW I rarely wore anything other than knits even though I prefer the look of wovens.  So many woven styles, just don’t have a knit equivalent and it isn’t like I can just pop by a shop and try on tops.  Like woven tops, crop tops were also to be avoided, because that just meant that they would ride further up in front, exacerbating existing fit issues.  Crop tops, however, are perfect for some of the my favorite skirts and wovens are far more suited to many of the styles I like.

Beloved Wardrobe Orphans: Silver and Black Satin Skirt-There were more, but they were weeded out of the wardrobe all together.  There are a few items that have minimal matches which will be improved with some basics.

Basics to Sew:  4 camis, navy, grey maxi skirts, short black skirt, half slip, black and navy cropped cardigans, crop tops in white, black and other

Oddball Items:  Full Apron, Petticoat

Here again is my pledge (please forgive my early morning wording):

I, Logan of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May. In an effort to design my style and wardrobe holes not only will I wear my me-mades, I will clean out my closet, update my measurements, make Burda 05/2017 112B (doing this as part of #2018makenine), and get started pin copying my remaining favorite RTW (14 year old linen dress that introduced me to my love of dresses with pockets-I’m looking at you.) so that they can have new incarnations and alterations to become part of my TNT patterns, so I can build a wardrobe I’ll love.

Overall Achievement:  Me mades were definitely worn.  My closet is cleaned out apart from sweaters, which will wait for fall and hopefully the making of a couple of replacements that are in line with my goals.  Measurements are updated.  Burda 05/2017 112B was made even if I don’t love it.  Pin copying isn’t as far as I’d like, but I have gathered all of the supplies and have my first three items ready.

New Direction:  In hopes of filling some important holes, I’m going to make a couple of Fumeterre skirts in Slate Essex Yarn Dyed Linen and something navy.  Being as that I like things complicated the plan is a view A button down front with view B pockets.  This will take the place of one of the two unmade dress patterns in my #2018makenine. Giving me 2 skirt patterns, a top pattern and one dress pattern, which may also be swapped out for a basic cami.

Thank you to everyone who participated in #mmmay2018 for the eye candy, inspiration and support.  Happy Making.

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