Me Made May 2018 Final Days

Things were a bit all over the place this time-weather, me, my clothes. I wore a custom made dress once and two unblogged pieces, had to go from sun dresses to long sleeve maxis with shawls and the daily bathroom selfie was about 50/50. The selfie failure was due in part to the fact that after a day of very productive yard and housework on Saturday, rain on Sunday somehow made us think “What we really need is a road trip to Canada.”  Half a day later we discovered that the weather in Ontario was lovely.

What I wore:

5/21 Brown Mendocino (photo above)  This is from five years ago and needs to have some of the shirring mended.  I never blogged this, but I blogged the previous one complete with a link to the free Heather Ross pattern.  This one I added not only straps, but self drafted petal sleeves.

5/22 Autumn Sky and Uluru Muscari

5/23 RTW Linen Dress and Iris Shawl

5/24 Myrtle Muslin

5/25 Dottie Turner

5/26 Brown Mendocino

5/27 Custom Maxi

5/28 Cherry Blossoms

5/29 Nightlife

5/30 Wine Rosari

5/31 Silver and Black Satin Maxi Skirt -This is another unblogged wardrobe orphan.  This was made before my Mendocino dresses and doesn’t even have seam finishes beyond a second row of straight stitch along each.  I remember the godets taking forever.  This Big 4 pattern is MIA, which is a pity.  Can anyone suggest a similar pattern?

silver and black skirt with black tank top


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