11 Tips For Cleaning Out and Revamping Your Wardrobe


It is easy for Marie Kondo to tell you to go through your entire wardrobe and assess each item piece by piece to see if it brings you happiness, but have you tried it?  It takes forever and just going through each piece isn’t necessarily useful.   You need to try things on and you need to see how they work together.  That can take even more time.  If you are going to put in the time you, want to get as much as possible from that time  and to be as efficient as possible.  A friend can help, but if you want to assess each piece and assess various outfits you need to see them and be able to look at them again.  Here’s what worked for me.  May you fine a few tips, that will help you.

  1.  Do take Marie Kondo’s advice about passing on things where you know there is something wrong about the item, such as the color, comfort, or size.
  2. When creating outfits try to limit the number of changes you have to make.  Which goes with number 3.
  3. Change in or out of difficult items as little as possible.  For instance I have more tops than skirts, but most of the tops simply pull over my head, while the skirts have buttons and zippers.  So for me the best option was to put on a skirt and try all of the tops with that.  Then I would put on another skirt and repeat the process.  This would tell me if the skirt didn’t fit or look good, I didn’t have to try all of the tops.  It also meant I tried every combination.  Starting with just tops and bottoms, rather than extra layers can speed this process.  You can always retain something that you know you prefer to layer, but anything you eliminate is something you don’t have to try on with other items later.
  4. Take a picture of every outfit…in a full length mirror.
  5. Use the mirror to see what you think of each piece individually and of the outfit as a whole while you are wearing it.
  6. When you take the picture, give yourself a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  This will help you remember how you felt about it while you were wearing it.
  7. Use the picture to tally the number of times each piece is worn, to look for patterns in color, style, silhouette.  Finally, use it to look at each outfit while asking yourself if the outfit is the style and/or image you want to have.  Looks good, but too sporty/dressy/dark?  Ask yourself, what you do or don’t like about each outfit.  What tips it toward good or bad?
  8. Pick your favorite outfits.  Those most in line with your style.  What defines them?
  9. Ask yourself if these are outfits you wear regularly or not?
  10. Ask yourself what gets worn the most? What items are the most versatile?  Are there any wardrobe orphans that fit your style?  What types of tops work best with which types of bottoms?  Are there any wardrobe holes?
  11. Now that you are armed with information about your wardrobe as a whole and items individually, make decisions.

Do you have any tips for closet clean out and/or wardrobe assessment?  Good luck.

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2 Responses to 11 Tips For Cleaning Out and Revamping Your Wardrobe

  1. Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve made any sense at all. I’ve always sorted piece by piece before and this was very different. Hopefully, others will find what I learned about the process helpful.

  2. I don’t know about everyone, but sometimes I get carried away with my sewing and when finished the garment hangs in my closet unloved for some reason. I’ve always made it a habit to review what I have, wear and what should be given away to others and put to good use. I think you have covered every detail of that and added quite a few good tips too!

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