Yellow is for Dandelions

Finished Dress

This was a three challenge project. Originally this was part of my #2018makenine project list. Then it became part of Hila of Saturday Night Stitch’s #burdachallenge2018 and finally part of #sewtogetherforsummer. A shout out to everyone else who is taking part in any of these challenges. Good luck and have fun sewing.

When I put this on, my husband looked at me in a way that told me it was awful.  It was kind of funny.  He tried so hard to make a you-worked-so-hard-let’s-find-something-positive face.  He hates yellow though.  The face was sort of expected.

Fortunately for him, I will probably never wear this dress again.  This seersucker is a lovely shade of yellow (The picture above is accurate.), but yellow doesn’t suit me.   That might still have been okay, but I messed up my muslin.  I muslined the bodice several times, but didn’t put the sleeves on because I’ve never had to do a full bicep adjustment of a broad back adjustment.  Clearly both were called for.  On the other hand check out these pipes.


Check out the bonus 1970’s wall ugliness

Beyond that the front flap didn’t tuck in at the side. It poofed out just a little creating an awesome waist enhancement in the wrong direction.

Pity this isn’t a happier final product because I did some lovely work on it.  Look at those darts and French seams.  They felt amazing.


I even stitched down the waistband and the entirety of the facing using catch stitch by hand.  Sewing the hem was an adventure in the joy of using my rolled hem foot.  Money well invested there.


Bottom Line: There is enough extra fabric to recut the back and sleeves.  The latter might be fine sewn with a narrower seam allowance, but the dress would still be yellow.


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