Me Made May 2018: Week 3

Sea Shawl Mmm18

This Me Made May has been fun and challenging in unexpected ways.  My goals are probably too broad for a single month, but this is a great kick off and I may still hit all of them.  If you check out my me-mades worn links below you’ll see that on the 16th and 17th I wore multiples.  It turns out that in our morning rush, I rarely really stop to look in the mirror.  I put on Flora then realized how worn she was as I was about to snap a pic.   Ditto Fireworks, though she may have gone through the laundry with something that attached white fuzz to her rather than pilling on her own.  The Flora Incident lead me to realize my closet now exceeded the possibility of proper consideration via wearing something each day in may.  That lead to the 17th, when I wore all of the clothes, briefly.  Here I learned some lessons that I’ll share in a future post, but I definitely made progress in the portion of my pledge (which upon review very much reflects it’s wee hours writing time) where I clean out my closet and try to get my wardrobe in line with my style. I’m a little short on time for getting everything in before may is over, but I’m doing well with wearing me-mades,  have begun sewing Burda 05/2017 112B, have tried on all but my dresses, resulting in a laundry basket of clothes to give away and have purchased a roll of brown paper for pin copying.  Respectable progress.

The unexpected fun part has been looking back over old makes, particularly some of the earliest and seeing how sad (and possibly ugly) they were while remembering how proud I was of my accomplishments. There were some truly horrible things I wore proudly (probably still are some).   All of them were part of the journey and when I compare them to more recent things the visual demonstrates my progress as a maker.  Whenever I think of how much I don’t know, I can use that as my balance.

So far during Me Made May I’ve worn a lot of things.

Bright Blooms MMMay18

Fabulous First Thing In the Morning Out of Focus Bathroom Selfie In a Dirty Mirror #RealLife #RealTired

Pictured Previously:

ElsbethCherry Blossoms, Carolina Springtime, OAL Hollyburn, Autumn Sky, Bright Blooms (apparently I missed putting this picture in with the last batch), Kit, Date Night

May 13: Carolina Plaid Flannel

May 14: Mariposa

May 15: Azteca with Julia

May 16: Flora, Fireworks, Queue Jumper

May 17: Icy Roses, Purple Batik Floral SkirtMidnight Garden, Green Gardens, Comic Skirt, Savannah Cami in Black and white, Lacey, Gekita and all of the other skirts and tops.

May 18: You Again

May 19: Carolina Gingham

May 20: Sea Shawl


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