Recycled Fashion

This amazing vintage style dress is made of old sewing patterns. It was one of many dresses on display from last years recycled runway, something I hadn’t heard of before. Designers make their garments entirely from used materials. The accompanying cape, which doesn’t show well in this photo, is made from pill bottles. I would have skipped all of the accessories, but the gorgeous sewing themed neutrals and vintage styling of the dress itself caught me as I was walking past. Plus, the note to husbands on the discomforts of pregnancy is amusing.

Meanwhile in the sewing room: I’m working on the Burda 05/2017 112B. I’m having a terrible time with the darts for the FBA. I did an FBA, realizing afterwards that when I rounded I ended up with an FBA that would be about 1/2″ too large. (You know you do a large FBA when 1/2″ can easily get lost.). It seemed like that, the giant dart and the stiffness of the Swedish tracing paper should have been the cause of the odd bit of extra fabric at the end of the dart. Not like any dart bubble I’ve seen. I have since redone the FBA, split the dart to 2 then three (see photo below), moved the 3 darts farther apart as well as lengthening and shortening the darts. It’s possible that the fabric bubble will go away with the weight of the skirt, but it is really noticeable and I’m reluctant to make a complete muslin, until I feel a little better about the darts. Thus, it sits while I ponder.

This is a completely unexpected sticking point after having done so many FBA’s and sewn so many darts. Once this is sorted, there will still be adjusting the back and skirts to match and redrafting the facings, much more bother than anticipated. Two weeks into the dress and rather than being on to making a second I’ve yet to finish a full muslin. Grr!

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